Need Help with Brent Stole

Okay, so how do I do Brent Stole exactly. I can do the whip part when I hit the inside string and push forward with my TH. I seem to be doing exactly what the tutorials I have watched (Rethinkyoyo, YoTricks, and YYE) and I just can’t hit the GT. I always end up in just a regular Laceration.

So, in other words, does somebody know how to better explain GT Laceration? Maybe somebody could make a tutorial or find a tutorial from another location? Anything, I really want to hit this trick.

This is quite sad that I am having trouble with this actually. I have been surprising myself lately by hitting Iron Whip and Mach Whip. This just makes me really anxious to hit the trick.

What I always tell people with whip tricks like this is that you have to: Understand what is happening in midair when you whip the string so that you can have a better chance of landing the trick, instead of just blindly whipping the string hoping that it will come out in a brent stole.
You say that you are landing in a regular laceration, and the goal here is not to land in a trapeze, it is to land in a GT. You probably knew that, so what I’m saying is that if you land the yoyo into a trapeze, you are missing the trick completely. The string folds over itself in midair, and that is what the yoyo lands in. In this video, watch how it happens:

You might find it easier to land if you whip the string faster, maybe even by trying a double brent stole.
Hope this helps.

Curling your finger seems to help. Well it does for me at least. Also knowing that your whipping the string slightly behind the yoyo helps me.

The tip from Rethinkyoyo about practicing getting a single wrap around you nth index before you try to push forward for the GT helped me more than anything.

EDIT: This makes sense if you’ve watched the video. (I think)

What helped me when I first learned these was to kind of whip the string more outward rather than in a counter-clockwise direction, so the string goes behind the yoyo easier

Whip it like how you would on a Trapeze Laceration.
The secret (for me) is:

  • To catch the back string (just about the last 1/3 of the string) and pinch to get a larger GT (also prevents a hook from occurring)
  • To land the yoyo about 1/2 to 1 inch in front of the string. The closer, the better chance to land the GT
  • Once the yoyo passes the string, quickly move your TH to the front. Don’t move like an inch or two. Move big. Move your TH like one foot to the front

I cannot do these reliably with a “normal” string without throwing my shoulder out. I don’t know if I have sensitive rotator cuffs or what, but it wears me out. With a whippy-ish string, I can hit them every time.

I’m not saying you should switch strings just to land a trick, but it could be useful to try whippier string for a little while just to give you the peace of mind of “yes, I can do this”; then you can make adjustments so that you’re landing it with your regularly scheduled string.

Watch this video
If you can understand how it works, it’s much easier. I do it at like 29 seconds in.

Indeed GregP… I was taking Aleve to help with the pain this trick was initially causing me! Now that I have it dialed in, I can do it with most strings iIuse. Seriously though you can really do some damage whipping just to be whipping… I was scared for awhile I was going to have to give this one up for good… But alas I kept at it. Now shoulder pain is completely gone and the Brent Stole is mine…For nearly a year now. Bwahahahaha.

There are several good vid’s that helped but I think the one that helped me most was called " brent stole for dummies" heehehehe or maybe it was for “B.S. for Oldies” :wink:

Rotator cuff destruction by way of a Brent Stole = stupid looks from family doctor lol

You might be popping the yoyo up too high if you keep landing in a laceration. When you push your throwhand forward, you want the string to pass over the top of the yoyo. If the yoyo is above the string when you do this, instead of the slack swinging over that string and down to the yoyo to form the GT, the yoyo can just land on that string in a normal trapeze laceration. Try focusing on keeping the yoyo below the string and moving your throwhand forward with the string staying above the yoyo and see if that helps.

check out tutorials, i’ve learned the brent stole from there :slight_smile:

Thank you, everybody has been giving me great advice. Unfortunately, I still haven’t landed it yet. Anyway, is it a good idea to land Hook first?

Yes ! Its a similar whip that can only help your understanding of the string and its physics. Also try learning trapeze to triangle slack. Another good one to help understand whats happening within the same motions.

Yeah you need to know the hook to get the motion. Then once you have the hook, do the same thing but only catch the back string.

I learned hook, landed it for a few days, and then thought, “OK, Brent Stole!”

It was mildly helpful, and I got Brent Stole in short order!

Haven’t landed Hook again since then. I just can’t land it anymore. So weird.

Try sticking your arm out more to catch BOTH strings. It might help you

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if you thought that was good I accidentally learned Brent stole! That trick always came naturally cause of dat reason.