brent stole help


I can not for the life of me get this trick I either land in trapeze when I try it or hidemasa hook. Ive been trying this trick for months now and just can’t get it and its starting to frustrate me a lot any tips would be appreciated.


You want to land your finger on the back string when you whip it also so you don’t land a laceration make sure the string isn’t lined up with each other. Also so you don’t land hook make sure you pointer is only pushing on the back string.



  1. Do the whip motion

2 About halfway down the string curl your finger there. Let the rest of the whip travel around and land into the brent stole.

Some people pinch instead of curling their finger there but I prefer hooking my curled finger on it


I was in the same boat you were in, then when I accidentally did a triple Brent stole on accident instead of a triple laceration, I picked up really easily on it.