Brent Stole


Can you guys help me out with this tricks , i managed to make one but i still can’t repeat . I know how to from the loop and i did watch the loop creates the triangle but it seem like it cannot land on the strings . What do i do ??


When I was learning how to hook I accidentally landed a brent stole. That was my first and only time landing one. lol. I also need some help with this. I have watched multiple tutorials but it still hasn’t clicked.


Same here. Spyy’s tutorial isn’t bad, just hard to comprehend the trick itself. Haha


There is another Brent Stole help thread that gave the following advice. I searched for the thread but couldn’t find it. I would’ve liked to have given the person that posted this tip the credit as it helped me immensely to learn what was happening in Brent Stole.

Practice this trick first. Learn it. It’s essentially the same as Brent Stole but it starts with a trapeze.


it took me 4 years of trial and error to land this trick… when you go for the whip. bring it as close to your torso as possible… you can whip it slow. or whip it fast. its easier with a smaller string.


I finally understand how to do Brent Stole ^^ , well not yet but in theory i trully fully understanding the whole concepts , and managed to figured out Hooks too :stuck_out_tongue: . Lucky me heh ?


Brent stole is basically Ninja Vanish without the trapeze. I couldn’t do the trick until i understood it fully. When the string hits your hand you want to twist your finger towards you so the loop comes over the string, then the yoyo lands on that loop, just like it would in Ninja Vanish


Learn laceration. Then purposefully miss a laceration by having the string segment between your throw hand and the yoyo miss on the ide of the yoyo facing you(do it fast). This will force the string to whip it’s self into a brent stole.


I can do Lacerations , even triple it . But your tips is highly appreciated it , i’ll try it


Do a laceration, but miss the string and more it forward?


Basically yes.
That’s how I learned it, whether it makes sense to you, I’m not sure. I’ve found that the hardest part of learning a trick is understanding what’s happening.


thanks y’all , really appriciated it … that hardest thing for me is how to landed the tricks :smiley:



Here’s a post I made a while back.

Seemed to help.


Moving your throw hand slightly away from you as the loop comes around is what helped me. I had to learn Hook first before I understood what catching 1 string with your NTH pointer meant. Once I had Hook down, Brent Stole came soon after.