first person brent stole Help!

I have been trying to learn the brent stole and I have been stuck FOREVER. if the is anyone who can get me footage of one being performed from a first person perspective i would be so happy
(preferably right-handed

Few questions come to mind

Do you get how the trick is done? If so, what are you having trouble with? Are you just missing it or cant get the motion, etc?

Can you do hidemasa hook? Makes brent stole a lot easier to learn, but not necessary. Brent stole is hard to teach, since it all happens so quickly and its one of those thing syou kind of hav eto figure out yourself. We can guide you and help you but you will have to figure it out an dmaster it on your own.

I understand hidemasa hook and green triangles and can do them with a fair amount of ease. what i don’t understand is getting the slack to loop around the string. if i saw what the motions looked like in first-person i feel that i could get it pretty quickly however any verbal advice I would immensly appreciate

Don’t have a video offhand, but this one helped me when I was learning:

It leads into the Brent Stole (on this site, “Green Triangle Laceration”).  The same things happen to the loop, but your arm doesn’t intercept when you do a Brent Stole. So by having the arm intercept, it gives you a visual point of reference.

I know you asked for a video, and I apologize for just giving you more words, but I wanted to mention:

When I started landing Brent Stoles it was all about two things: having a heavy enough string (it doesn’t need to be a beast, but it can’t be a light flowy thing, at least not for me) and moving the THROW hand forward after whipping the loop. Whip the loop, move throwhand forward. Theoretically to alignment with the yoyo but I don’t even look that carefully… I just move it forward.

Will try to make a video later after I walk the dogs. I’ve promised two videos, so it’ll give me an excuse to bust out the camera. Not saying my Brent Stoles are a thing of beauty (very much a work in progress; my resulting GT is a bit on the puny side) but at least I can land a few for you.

hidemasa hook is basically brent stole… except in brent stole only one string goes around the yoyo… do a hidemasa hook BUT the first rime the yoyo whips around, miss by bringing your nth behind the yoyo, and the 2nd time the string goes around move your hand back to where it would be in hidemasa hook and boom, brent stole… hope you understood xD

Just rendering my video, but I’ll be honest… it’s just not helpful to see it from this perspective. As the string whips around you can’t even tell what’s happening. Even slowed down to half speed, when the loop goes around it’s like “yeah, I don’t get it.”

(non embedded link:

Worked on this all day today. Why is my triangle so small?

Mine, too. As you’ll see from the video. Mini.

Haha. Mine is usually too small to pop the yoyo back through. If you need tips on knot picking, I’m your man.

this helps a lot actually thanks a million:) now to practice the crap out of it

by the way what are you throwing in this video? AL5?

I’m glad it helped!! That’s a MonkeyfingeR Design “Lesula”.

I meant to describe more of what was happening in the video:

When you first whip the string, many tutorials will have your NTH pointer finger just extended out. That’s perfectly fine as well, and might even look cleaner; I dunno. All you need to do is intercept the string segment that’s closest to your body (instead of letting BOTH go around your finger like the Hook)… so I just kind of sloppily let it hit my forefinger and even “hook” around it a bit to keep it from going anywhere.

Pretty much as soon as that segment is intercepted, I move throw hand forward so that the loop ends up on the correct side of the “throwhand segment” to form a GT.

if hidemasa hook is what i think it is then brent stole is just only putting your finger on the back string. Its the same motion by putting your TH out forward.

So simple. ;D

You got it! Put the non-throw-hand finger only on the back string, and move the throwhand forward. Brent Stole!

I watched your video again, closer. Are you poping out to the inside?

Nope. Just an illusion of the funny camera angle. I find straight-down (or close to straight-down) camera angles so wacky. In the CLYW Cabin Tutorials they drive me nuts because they add so little value.

I thought it had to be my eyes, everything else looked just like mine.

I just landed my first brent stole! Thank you guys so much!

Couldn’t resist.  I figured out my problem wasn’t that my triangle was too small,  my yoyo was just too big. ;D