Brent stole?


Hi everyone, I need help with the trick Brent stole. I can never land the trick. Please help.


First, learn this , it really helped me a lot. And after learning this, Brent stole is just like that except you don`t start with the trapeze.
Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


what i did was attache a string to a door knob, and then practice the motion like that, so i can actually see whats happening.

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Brent stole is one of those tricks like seasick, boingy boing, and circular Eli hops.

You will get it, but it will just happen.

Try doing some Hidemasa hooks over and over, and sooner or later you hit a brent stole on accident.
Then all you have to do is repeat the motion you did to get into your Brent Stole.

Another good method is to learn Hidemasa hook and only put your finger in the first string of the hook.

Hope this helps, and if not, whatevs


I found this video quite helpful

Also, use a longer string. I found that Toxic string is great for this trick.

Make sure to watch the video carefully and exaggerate your whip motion.

But, as Nemyo said, it’s a trick that just happens. That’s how I got it.


Do a Hidemasa Hook, only let the string close to you go over your non-throw pointer finger, move throw hand forward, done.


Hello my friend an let me say that I feel your pain. It took me 2 years of on and off throwing, some cussing, and the occasional tossing across the room of my lyn fury to get this son of a gun. The thin is no one really shows you what happens if you do a certain thing wrong so it’s hard to troubleshoot where the mistake is.

That being said here is a great slow motion video that broke it through for me.

Also the best advice I can give you is start the whip “inside” or between you and your yoyo, then as soon as your finger makes contact (immediately) move your hand and the strin back into plane with the yoyo. Also experiment a little with how high or low you hold your hands while doing the trick because it makes a big difference in how often you will suceed. The other thing I can say us queue up that vid I lnked for you and throw, watch, throw, watch until you get it. Took me a few solid hours but you’ll likely get it quicker. I’m very impatient and a slow learned lol. Othe than that good luck my friend!


Remember to move your throw hand forward, that helped me a lot