brent stole trouble


i am having trouble with brent stole, i do the thing with my throw hand (back, in and up), but it just ends up in trapeze everytime. Any advice?


When you swing it, does it hit the gap of the yoyo?


swing what?


When you whip the string.


yeah is it supposed to?

(J. Lev) #6

See if this helps


Yes, I don’t get how it would be in a Trappeze.


i think because i do a normal laceration a lot, i make that motion alot. is there any tricks i should learn first?



Hook is a good one.

Instead of getting 2 strings around you finger like in Hook do it with one and quickly move your throwhand forward.


ok i will learn hook


Don’t aim for the gap of the yoyo when doing the brent stole, aim for your fingers, don’t care about the yoyo. Aim behind the yoyo. There will be two strings coming around. Only let the back string hit your finger, then bring your throwhand forward. You really have to keep practicing and watch the video.