Brent stole help!?!?!?!


Hey guys, I’m struggling with the brent stole. I was wondering how many times you whip the string around the yoyo. Is it once or twice? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


Just once. You can do more whips when you get the hang of just one. Good luck!




This is one of the tricks i want to make tutorials for but I don’t have the means to make a quality video at this time.


I’m still landing in a laceration when I do it… How do I get into the GT consistently?


You want the yoyo to stay below the string. You know how you move your throwhand forward a bit during the trick to get the slack to whip around the string and form the triangle? When you do that, imagine the string coming from your throwhand finger passing over the top of the yoyo. If the yoyo pops up above that string and then lands on it, you’ll be in a normal laceration. It might help to pop the yoyo up a bit lower than you normally do.


Thanks! I’ll try that out and see what happens!


You sort of cross the string held between your hands under the string forming the loop.