Laceration. Need Help

I watched the yotricks video, but I just can’t seem to get my yo-yo to form a loop when I whip it.

Make a short jerky semi circle with your hand, snapping your arm downwards while simutaneously popping the yoyo up.

if it does help , try at 1st whip it in the air and try to land it on the string into a trapeze , it’s kinda like you’re cheating it . After a while you’ll get familiar with that motion and can finally do a laceration by whipping it the normal way .

Ya that helped a lot. Thanks

I can’t tell if my normal way is the cheating way or not. LOL!

Man that’s funny that your just now realizing that.

It is! But what I really meant is that the description of the ‘cheating’ way sounds like the description of a laceration, so I’m not sure what the difference is (or which I’m doing)! Here’s what I do:

  • Hop the yoyo into the air with a quick tug of my throw hand.
  • Whip the string sideways under the yoyo, forming a loop
  • Put my finger into the loop and pull just a little bit taut so that the yoyo lands into a trapeze

So is that a cheating laceration or a normal one? :wink: Does the string have to be fully inside the gap before I put my finger in the loop in order for it to be a proper laceration? That was my original assumption several months ago, but someone told me, “nah, your way is fine” so I hadn’t given it much more thought.

As far as I know, that is the cheating way.

A trick I learnt from a guy around my area was: Give your string tension and pop a laceration, if you end up in a normal trapeze you cheat. If your string has a twist in it on your free hand, you do it the “true” way, If you do it the “true” way with tension the loop that forms twists at the bottom quite close to the yoyo as your looping it.


Here’s a tutorial of what strikes me as the real way:

This isn’t quite the way I’m doing it, so I probably am cheating! The video shows a twist, too, lending credibility to what jacky says.

I can whip into the gap fine (I do it for bind if I have the right yoyo and string combination) so I guess my next step is to do a proper laceration from there. At least I’m partway there. :wink:

You do it the same way I do it. I don’t hit the string into the gap, I just whip it and slip my finger into the slack to form a trapeze. I feel that doing it looks a little cooler to be honest, you can do it faster and “easier”.

I figured out what happened! When I was whipping the yoyo, I would do it a little towards my body than straight at the yoyo.

Yup, you’re right. I took a quick break from work to see if I could do a “proper” laceration, and while it take slightly better timing, it wasn’t too hard. Now I can say I know how to do a laceration and go back to doing it the other way, because I totally agree that it looks cooler, as well as being faster and easier.

Still, glad to have done a proper one. I tend to be of the philosophy, “you can break the rules as long as it’s intentional.” Now I can confidently and intentionally do a not-quite-canon laceration and have fun at it. :slight_smile:

Enough said!

Ok now I can’t get my finger to land inside the loop. What am I doing wrong???

That’ll be a practice thing. Greg linked a video a couple posts up, watch that, he says to open a bigger loop pop the yoyo closer to your hands when you whip. Once you find a nice loop size for you, master it. Then move onto getting better and better with it and smaller loops.