i am trying to learn lacerations and was looking at Andres video and noticed i was doing it a little differently. i realized when i do it instead of having the string hit the yoyo, and open a loop, then catching it on the other side, i tend to throw a loop and catch the loop and then bring it up to the yoyo instead of having the string hit the yoyo first.
sorry it is hard to explain but basically i am catching the loop first then it hits the yoyo instead of it hitting the yoyo first.
is this still a laceration or do i need to learn it the other way?

I get what you are saying, but don’t see how that’s possible. I think that way’s fine.

Do you mean you are popping the yo-yo up, catching the string, and then landing the yo-yo on the string?
If that is what you mean then no it is not a laceration.

Thats what I do. Whip it, catch it, and land it.

That’s still a laceration I think, maybe a slack or something, but if it is still considered a laceration then it wouldn’t be the same thing as the one André shows.

I don’t believe it’s a laceration. I believe the name laceration comes from the string shooting through the gap.

Well the thing is that in a laceration when you catch the string the yo-yo is already landed on the string. Yes, its kinda like landing the yo-yo without using the other hand, the you put the finger in the loop to complete the trick

So, bottom line, you jerk, the whip, string goes under yo-yo, then you catch and yo-yo should be landed.

Remember string tension.

thanks guys. i will try to do it like Andre shows but im glad to know it is not just me. i appreciate it

i do that too. i think it is still a laceration because a laceration is when you whip catch the slack and the yoyo lands in trapeze.

i found it easier when grab the string with your thumb and pointer finger it made easier to to lead the string in to the gap

What you guys are describing is not a laceration. A laceration is a lot like a suicide in how you catch it.

You whip the slack into the gap of the yoyo to form a loop. Then you catch the loop. Your finger does not touch the string until the loop is formed.

thank you for clearing that up organizer. i guess i will just have to practice.