Laceration help

I’m just trying to do a normal laceration like the one in the yoyoexpert video. I swing it and make the loop, but I keep landing in a normal trapeze! Any advice?

The Laceration that Andre shows is supposed to land in a trapeze…

I think he is talking about a brent stole or hidessma hook…?

Im not sure. I didnt think it was a trapeze. I thought it looked a little different.

Well, depending on when you catch the loop, the strings may or may not be twisted, but it’s still a trapeze.

ohkay. Thanks :slight_smile: I’m going to try maybe doing some of the other laceration tricks.

I have just learned and am getting the hang of Laceration, but I keep catching it in the trapeze and it is twisted and not a clean trapeze. This gets in the way when it is time to go into another trick. How Can you avoid this twisting? I think it’s because the string that I’m catching on top is the string closest to my hand when it is supposed to be the string closest to the yoyo… Is it perhaps I am throwing it into the gap too hard and should just ease it in there?

I wondered why February 24th came before February 17th. Then I saw that it was 2010 to 2011. This thread was almost a year old. Please don’t post in older topics. Thanks.

So create redundant threads about the same thing instead? I thought it was practical to utilize a thread that was already about my question. Way to help with my question and be such an ambassador to the forum…

I now see a note on this topic by icthus in the yye forum rules thread. What is the search function for then?

The search is to find topics so that you can read through them, hopefully finding information to answer your question.

As for your question, that’s how it’s supposed to land actually. I know, it seems weird, but that’s actually correct.

To compensate for the twist, I have been throwing the loop wider with my throw hand and just poking my non throw index finger in there right before the yoyo lands on/settles on the string. Sometimes my non throw index is in position before the yoyo settles on the string. I am not directing the landing with my non throw index (it is all in my throw hand). Doing it this way, I am avoiding the twist that I was previously experiencing. Does this still qualify as Laceration since I am whipping the string into position with my throw hand? Doing it this way I am able to land it into a regular trapeze and go about my business from a position I am used to working with.

Upon watching a few of the other videos that are laceration related, Andre does specifically say that a laceration is when the string actually hooks around the yoyo before you poke your non-throw index in there. So technically, it would appear that I am not doing a laceration. Bummer. Here I thought that I had fixed my twisted string issue.

Ape made the comment that it is actually supposed to land twisted, and after further inspection of the laceration video, Andre is repeatedly catching it in a trapeze with it twisted. That was a subtlety that I didn’t catch earlier.

Thanks for the help.

String tention

I will experiment with this. Sometimes twisted. Sometimes not. I adjust string tension every few tricks.

dont necro!

you are supposed to land in a normal trapeze.