Laceration complications

Hello there internet. I’ve been having strange problems with my lacerations recently. When i do a Laceration and catch the loop, the trapeze always comes out twisted once. ALWAYS once, never more. Could you guys please give me some recommendations on fixing this? All help is accepted. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

For me very often when I do a true laceration (let the loop form, then stick your finger in) I end up with a twist. if I use my finger to form the loop it doesn’t twist.

And nevermind, lol I was thinking of another trick. Hmm, just did it about 5 times in a row and couldn’t make it get a twist.

Only thing I can think of again string tension or possibly the string itself being really tightly wound?

Strange thing is, I’ve tried changing my string and getting it to perfectly neutral tension, but it still twists. Hmm maybe it just comes with practice.

I just started working on this trick and I’m getting exactly the same twist. I wonder if it has to do with keeping my throw hand in the same plane as the spin of the yoyo. If I’m going outside of that plane I may be twisting it in mid-air.

Maybe when you throw the loop you twist it?

Hi guys:

I’m still missing the trick a lot but one of the things that I find is helping is to pinch the string between my throw hand thumb and first finger and then throw the loop. If I try to throw it right off of the slip knot on my throw hand I get a lot of weird loops. Also, it will sometimes wrap my throw hand. But pinching the string seems to give me more control.

More experienced players may already know this but it was a big realization for me as a newbie.