Hi, I’m having trouble with the laceration trick. Whenever I make the loop, it just grabs and pulls back up to my hand. How do I make the loop right? am I doing it wrong, or is my yoyo too tight or something? ???

Make sure you throw a Breakaway. If you grab it and string clots up in the gap just a little, it will shoot up. I did that on Skin the Gerbil when i didn’t throw one. Just whip the string for a loop grab it with your non-throwhand index, and land it. Pull the loop as hard as you can so it doesn’t grab.

What I think the problem is is that you are missing the loop when you whip it. That loop is then snagging and binding itself. Congratulations! You can do a one handed bind, which is very useful in 3a, but to do the laceration make sure to at least hit the string with your finger so it doesn’t bind.

If that’s not it, what yoyo are you using? It might be too responsive.

Yes, that is it. I tried it a couple more times, and that is definetly the problem. I have been using the Dark magic, and it is definetly unresponsive. I’m glad I can to a one-handed bind, though I don’t mean to! It’s just really hard to catch that loop it seems… :smiley:

Yeah you have to practice quite a bit to get it, which I should be doing =P

Also make sure that you have good string tension. Make sure that you stick your finger in the loop as fast as you can, once you see the loop. Tension is also very important, or the loop wont form right.

Yer yoyo is to responsive would be my guess like i find it easyer to do on my 888 than anyother yoyos

i found it easier to learn hidemasa hook first. just to get the wrist motion and the feel of the response down.

i think with lacerations, it’s really important to learn to do it WITH response (which you seem to be doing). spencer invented it on a tug-response renegade, and i saw him nail 3 in a row on an imperial-setup woodie. if you can’t make it work on a snappy yo-yo, you’re not doing it right. keep at it, and keep the slack away from the response. you’ll get it.

When i was learning laceration i practiced like popping the yoyo high in the air then drag your finger across the string and land in trapeze

That’s not a laceration. Not sure what it’s called but it’s the move that is used for black hops and isn’t a laceration.

I know thats not laceration but thats how i practiced and got the motion down.