Laceration issues

Hi guys. I’m new to the site and im digging it. Here is my isue im having. So I go to do a laceration im having trouble hitting the gap. When I do hit the gap the yoyo is binding it seems like. The yoyo shoots back up at me with a tight almostknotted string. I throw a dv888 so I know im,not getting response from my yoyo…
Any advice or tips? Ive watched the youtube vid about a hundred times.


If the yoyo is unresponsive it’s you. I can only think of one problem. Are you tugging the string with your throwhand like a bind? Are you whipping the loop so big that it binds?

When your string hits the gap, let it be and just let the loop come around. But do not tug the string on your throwhand whent he string hits the gap because that motion is exactly like a bind.
Also if you whip the string to your throwhand size too much, causing the loop to be bigger. Yes bigger loops are easier to catch but if you don’t catch the big loop, it will bind, snag, or be knotted up.

Now, with the trouble about not hitting the gap:
You want to parralel your throwhand and the yoyo so that it is in a line. So when you whip, the string will always get to the gap. Whip to your throwhand side more too but don’t bring your throwhand too close to the yoyo. Having the hand closer to the yoyo when whipping causes a bigger loop and having a bigger loop (as stated above) will either snag etc. It is ok to try it though. For me,I don’t do big loops. Also, just practice. I was hitting the string 5/10 times and now I hit it 9.5/10 times.
So good luck and have fun! :wink: :smiley:

Just beacuse it’s an unresponsively designed yoyo doesn’t mean it’s not responsive. Try pulling with your hand (fairly hard), and see if it comes back. If it does, try cleaning you bearing.

I personally think it is a technique problem. When I tried to learn it from Andre’s tutorial (Which are awesome for the most part) I had the exact same problem.

Instead of whipping the string into the gap. Whip it under the Yo-Yo, the put your finger in the large loop that is somewhat difficult to see.

See what you want to do is adjust the timing, so you put your finger in the loop BEFORE it hits the gap of the yoyo.

I agree 100% Pownage. I tend to almost whip it onto my finger first then hit the gap. It’s really more of whipping onto your finger then catching the throw in a trapeze.

Yes. Tug the yoyo up and then using you non-throwhand pointer, drag the string to the left (if right handed). Then the yoyo should come down like a eli-hop. It’s the cheat way, but it helps to learn.

i do the trick in that way :slight_smile: