Binding Help!

Hey YoYo community! I recently got into yoyoing & sometimes when i bind the string gets jammed & shoots back like it’s going to hit my face… How could i prevent this? :-[

Well i am guessing you are using something like a dmII. These are not COMPLETELY unresponsive but mostly. Also you are just starting so you are probobly exagerating the pull down too much. What i am saying is the string you have looped on your finger that you pull down, i think you are pulling it down too far. Eventually, after much practice binding will be like riding a bike and you will just bind without thinking. But just practice.

String is supposed to “jam” or curl up inside your yoyo to bind. That’s why the yoyo comes up because the string curls up to create friction to the response system and binds.

Are you throwing too hard? Hard throw with a bind right after can hurt.

if you are doing a test throw, like throw and bind back without doing tricks, don’t throw to hard, or the yoyo will shoot super fast to your hand.
depends in the width of your gap. smaller gap need shorter loop to bind

They can be as responsive or unresponsive as you want them to be.

Anyways, string is supposed to get caught in the gap of the yoyo when you bind for it to come back to your hand. However you bind, just make sure you can catch it comfortably. The harder your throw, the less string you need to use to bind.

Thanks man, Yeah it’s a YoYofactory Protostar when i bind the string gets tangled inside and i have to keep open up yoyo and taking out it’s super annyoinng… I do the Inside style bind btw. I was trying the “trapeze style bind” but dosent work… I just wana learn more tricks 7 binding is fucking annyoing me lol

It just takes practice, your loop is probably too big right now. You really have to pinch the loop when dropping it back into the gap…work on only binding for now, make sure you are binding the right direction for how you throw it. Find one way that works, and bind that way every time.

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Just gotta train yourself, and get it smooth. I sometimes dont know why I bind. It just does. Maybe Im too used to it. And learn some other fun binds too, they`re fun and impressive!

I recommend a back spin bind. It seems like you have the right idea when it comes to binding, just need to work on a natural technique. When binding, don’t use a lot of string, maybe a a little string, where your finger is about 1.5-2 inches from your finger.

I also recommend a reverse bind, where the string goes against the yo-yo spin. If you can learn this then your binds have a lot more control and tangle less:

Both of these binds are binds that go against the spin.

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I also found binding rather difficult. I am a returning veteran. I think the last time I picked up a yo-yo was in '98 or '99, before responsive play, and when Yomega was the brand of choice. These binds in this video are really good. I use both of them. They are honestly all you really need to get going. I like the slow-motion, because you can watch him kinda let the yo-yo climb the string just before he throws the string into the gap. I find that giving it this slight rocking motion increases the likelihood of getting a good bind. I committed myself to work on it for an entire day, and it’s not perfect, but I am now able to incorporate tricks. Just keep working on it! If I can do it, you can do it!

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before unresponsive play

Thanks man im getting better at it now :slight_smile:


I am glad to hear it. My binding is still a work in progress, too. But I bail only about every 1 in 20 now. Just keep working on it. I feel your frustration, but I am beginning to believe that learning unresponsive play is worth it. Whenever I give a demonstration to my friends, I think it’s fun to do like Andre and tug the string real hard and be like, “It doesn’t come back?!?!?!” Then bind it. It’s fun just to watch the look on their faces!