unresponsive yoyo! HELP!!

i have a really, really, really, really, really…really unresponsive yoyo. i did every binding technique and nothing works! all the yoyo does is slide off the string. HELP!!

Try to use thick lube to make the yoyo repsonsive.


Happy Throwing! =]

You probably aren’t using the correct binding method. What kind of yoyo is it? Make sure that you cross your hands, and throw the loop hard into the gap.


If you have a good strong throw you shouldn’t have problems getting a good bind. I would try making sure your throw is strong and straight then immediately bind from a sleeper while the yoyo has a good rpm. You should then start to get the feel of it and figure out how to tweak your bind to get it to return.

I’d like to know the yoyo you are using.

Welcome to the forums, and your first post! This can happen becuase of bad binding techniques, Bad string tension, or just bad string…
It would help if you are experiancing any of those,

How to bind: http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/030-intermediate-bind-returns.html

String tension: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uX7cGKAszM

Bad string is string that is worn out, and is at the verge of breaking

Throw a strong sleeper, and do a forwards trapeze in front of you.(just land it on the string) now bring the two strings from your non-throwhand pointer up high, and quickly slide down to where you lead the two strings into the gap of the yoyo closest to you. It should then grip the string. If that doesn’t work, try tightening the gap slightly, or exchanging the strings. Hope I helped!

Also in my experience, (about 7 months!) I have found that the bigger the loop is when you push it through the gap, it always binds so just keep trying to bind with different loop sizes until you find the right one. Good luck!