Help w/ laceration bind

Soooo whenever I do a laceration bind the string tangles/knots in the yoyo making my subsequent throw next to impossible. This happens roughly 70% of the time. Am I missing something here?

Not sure if I’m guessing the right bind here…

Yoyo is at the end of the string; you hop it into the air and whip the string underneath. Instead of lacerating into a trapeze, you let the loop keep flipping around into the gap. It grabs, binds.

If so, you’re probably doing it counter to proper spin direction. If the yoyo is spinning its original direction from a breakaway and you do the above-described bind so that the loop is on the “trapeze” side… that’s the wrong side for the bind. It will snag and leave a long tail and be crappy on the next throw until you “clear” the snag.

If you have done a regen or half a gyro flop or have otherwise changed the spin direction as if it were a lateral “front throw”… then it is spinning the correct direction for a reliable bind.


Bingo! Never crossed my mind I had it spinning in the wrong direction. I was just assuming it would get better with more practice. Thanks Greg!!!

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That was the magic answer for me too. I feel silly not seeing it earlier. Thanks again buddy!

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If you want something similar but on the breakaway spin, there’s the “slap” bind:


Thanks again! ill be trying this today

Whoa, I just learned a new bind. Got it on the second try. Nice video Greg! Couldn’t be any clearer.

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Awesome, glad to help, Brian!

Me too. Not so consistent yet however.

The slap bind greatly depends on setup. Thick strings or otherwise strong response and you kind of have to delay the slap so that the loop is small-ish. Thin strings or otherwise low response and you really have to get the loop in there… big loop and dramatic push into the gap.

i took a minute to learn them correctly and I’m getting pretty decent at it. Super fun bind.

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I’m digging that slap bind! Still need a lot of practice to get consistent on it though.

One thing I do that I started doing AFTER making that video (I guess?) is to shape my slapping hand like a “U” channel… like I’m holding a (fairly large, mind you) glass in my NTH.

It works the way a centering bearing works. As you slap or “push” the loop into the gap, it aligns the segments of the loop tightly against one another and also in the middle of that “U” shape. You can then more accurately guide it into the gap.

Hope that helps!

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