Slap Bind


Someone please tell me how to do this. I’ve tried every way imaginable but can’t get it. I feel like I’m so close but just can’t figure out the mechanics behind it.

For a simple Breakaway -> Slap Bind, don’t you throw a Laceration and slap it downwards, into the gap?

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Can you be more specific? A video and time stamp would be best.



This one??

Or this one??


You posted 2 different tricks…


I know. I typed, “This one? Or this one?” so Links could let Mitch know exactly what bind he was referring to.


All I know is they’re both pretty slick!


I think he means like in this video, around 1:14.
Also, how do you do the type of bind like in that video at 0:28 or in this one at 1:53
(The leg one) I’ve also seen Gentry Stein do it with his stomach.
So how would one do these binds?
Sorry, didn’t mean to threadjack.


Thanks, James. The one Yuuki did is what I meant.


I’ll try to explain it the best I can. You do the same motion as laceration, but instead of putting in your finger, catch the loop in your fist. Instead of letting it land on a trapeze, bring the yoyo under it to put you in an upside down trapeze with your arms crossed. From there, you should be able to bind. When you speed it up, you just smack it too under it instead of grabbing it. If this doesn’t help, I might be able to make a video for you. Good luck!


I’ll try that when I get home. Thanks.


Not the same slap bind (I don’t think), but the video in this thread had a pretty slick one:,50527.0/topicseen.html

0:25 of the video.


Can you make a video? I don’t get the part after you catch the loop with your fist.


What I do for this is I whip the string as if I were going to do a brent stole or something similar, then cross my hand in midair allowing the yoyo to land in a cross-armed trapeze, were it should catch the response and bind back to your hand. It does not need to land in a trapeze, there can be more layers of string, as long as the yoyo is spinning in the direction needed to bind when your hands are crossed.


I can’t do it tonight, but I’ll get it done tomorrow.


Well, I pulled this together. I dropped my Raptor on the concrete in the process. I hope this helps!


Thanks a bunch. The video helped a lot. Sorry your Raptor got dropped :frowning:


Your welcome! There are a few scratches on it, but I filed them down so they’re not as bad.


nice tutorial