How - Ways to bind


If we throw a breakaway and to bind we have to do a backwards trapeze and bind. But in the YYE learn video he binds in a normal trapeze with a side ways brain-twister. How do I do that?


André is getting an extra wrap around the axle, not doing a brain twister. But I would suggest not binding that way because, as you can see, it almost always requires an extra throw to get it untangled.


You might do that if your yoyo is bearly spinning, and a normal bind isn’t anough.


Is there awesome ways to bind breakaway? Not boring ways as normal. And when we throw a breakaway, why does someone spins the yoyo once more and land on a trapeze? Not landing on a trapeze right away?


Sky bind ( or suicide bind (



It all has to do with the way the yoyo is spinning. The point of a bind is you want the yoyo to be spinning in the opposite direction, this allows you to have enough friction to roll up the string and back into your hand.

The backspin bind for a side mount (or trapeze) is a reverse trapeze in which the yoyo is flipped under the normal trapeze which causes the reverse motion. A simple way to prove that the reverse trapeze is really on the back spin is once you throw a trapeze, turn to the right and notice how you are now in a front mount, so since the yoyo is not spinning in the opposite direction you must take it off and remount it in an almost frontwards backwards trapeze, now turn and face the front like you did when you originally throwed the breakaway and you will notice that you are in a reverse trapeze and that is why you must throw a reverse trapeze for a side mount bind.

It takes a little while for all of this to wrap around your brain, but once you get this concept, every other bind will be like night and day to you.


It may look a bit smoother than going from a bottom mounted trapeze but like MrSquirrel said, because it’s giving you loops around the bearing into two directions, it’s usually going to take one or two throws to untangle. Or if you forget and go full force on the first throw, be prepared to get your head out of the way.



I’ve been experimenting with the trapeze-type bind as shown. Nice option to have. As far as me needing an extra throw to really clear it out? Yes, more than I would prefer. Not all the time, but often enough where I feel a heck of a lot safer doing a front throw and bind back before going back into a break away.

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Performing a bind that inherently gives less grip as a measure of getting more grip makes zero sense.


Oh you could throw a laceration and not catch it for a bind


I just learned this yesterday. Good fun!


I know Ann Connolly uses that one alot


There are soooooo maaannnnnyyy ways to bind! My favorites are my own classified made up tricks :wink: lol
If you want to learn some really cool binds you can search for them in youtube. Among my favorites are the skybind, presidents bind, and the leg laceration bind(the Jensen Kimmit one).


Been loving this one lately for the fun factor, but I sure wamble it up a bunch! Still, it’s great fun.


Are you talking about the part of the smooth bind? Where he goes inside of his arms then throws it out and it binds? I do this all the time and I never get snags.


My bind-

  1. Throw a trapeze brother
  2. Drop the strings on your non-throwhand
  3. Toss up with loop crossed and let the yoyo come back down to your hand


I use that a lot. Smooth and very reliable.


Oh, I love doing this too! Especially when it’s done without looking and with a great degree of nonchalance.



President’s bind.


After reading this, I pulled it off a few times, but I’m doing something inconsistently; I think I’m not getting the loop crossed properly or something. From the hanging position, what is the most reliable way to launch it in the air? Pop it up on the inside? Swing up and outside? Does this bind have a name so that I can find a tutorial? Thanks!