Trapeeze help

When i land the trapeeze or even miss it and then i try to bind it back it doesn’t work. I know how to and i can bind. Please help

You may need to replace your response pads, which are located on the inside flat of the yo-yo.

If you keep scrolling down on this link you will see a picture of a yo-yo disassembled.;prev_next=prev

The orange things are response pads.  They are what the string “grabs onto to come back to your hand”

To get a bigger bind.
You may need to adjust the size of your trapeze by moving your hands up and down.

What yo-yo are you using?


try binding it with the string on the other side. you are probably trying to bind when the yoyo is spinning away from the string not towards it.

also it sounds like you are still in a learning stage and might not be ready for an unresponsive yoyo. there is a lot you can do with a responsive yoyo you just need practice, practice, practice.

i Haven’t used my unresponsive much.

Then you shouldn’t have to bind. :wink:

i know what response pads are. And like i said i can bind but just not after i try  trapeeze

Binding from frontstyle and binding from a breakaway are two diffrent things.

Ah, I see what you mean. :wink:

The yo-yo is spinning the wrong way. You are throwing it from a regular throw.

Have you learned break-away yet?

The bind from trapeze must (Well normally) has to be from a break-away throw.

I hope this helps.


I know the break-away. SO would i just practice binds from a break-away throw. And these people replying talking about different directions of spin or something like that. Would that mean that a break-away throw is spinning in a different direction than a normal throw.

Yes, a break-away spins the opposite direction then a regular throw. Trapeze for break-away, under mount for regular throw. Some times it works both ways.

Hope this helps.


Is there a special way to bind from a break-away throw or should i just practice binding from it

You can try throwing your break away from left to right instead of right to left(opposite if lefty) and then bind

I am not sure, but there seems to be loads of confusion here. If you look on highspeedyoyo, the backspin bind is what you use to bind from a trapeze. You can also try binding by throwing the string into the gap. I hope this helps.

But then wouldn’t i be crossing my arms

no you throw it let it sleep than swing it into a trapeze and bind.

I think you got it wrong. It’s the opposite of a trapeze for a breakaway, and the opposite of a braintwister mount/under mount for a regular throw.

I can bind either way. But when I started break-away I did trapeze.

You can do it either way. (Well for me.)


No offense, but that is bad advice. With most “advanced” to “master” tricks, you need to start from a breakaway. This is how you are supposed to bind from a breakaway. It talks about breakaway binding at 1:33

Well, I mean, you can do it either way. I can do it both ways too. It’s just that the way you said to do it makes the string wind the opposite way of the loop from the bind, which may ruin your throw. That’s why Andre Boulay throws a sleeper and immediately pulls it back up after he binds from a trapeze; so he can get rid of the opposite winding. Not only that, but it can also shoot back up naturally.

Like in the video above, binding from a trapeze works better from a under mount.

I hope the op has learned some stuff from these posts.