Yoyo Can't Do Breakaway


My YYF Whip can come back from binds but can’t come back from breakways. Is this because the Response Pads are Worn out?

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I think it is because you arent doing the correct bind for a breakaway. You bind from a braintwister mount when you do a breakaway throw. This is because the yoyo is spinning a different direction than when it is when you do a front throw.


I searched Breakaway and as far as I can see, the binds are the same, except that I do my binds with the yoyos swinging up front onto the string instead of it swinging towards me. :-\ Sorry if I’m missing anything here


ok so when you throw a breakaway the yoyo is spinning backwards which requires a bind with a reverse trapeze. If the yoyo is still coming up fine with a front throw the response pads are not worn out. I would be surprised if the pads were the reason it wasn’t coming back. It sounds like you haven’t been yoyoing for a long time so i would imagine it’s just your technique. It takes practice for sure! :slight_smile:


Yup, binds from a break away don’t work well. Follow the above advice.

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the thing that i remember from learning how to do this is that the yoyo is spinning a different direction. What i did before i could do a reverse trapeze bind was i just faced the way that i threw it and binded facing that direction.


That depends on your definition of which direction you threw it. :wink: Literally, most people throw out to their throwhand side and then the yoyo goes in that direction and down before swinging to the actual target side (the nth side). But some people (including myself) don’t think of this as throwing “toward” the th side even if that’s what literally happens… we’re intending for the yoyo to go to the nth side, so we think if it as “throwing to the nth side”. :wink:

TL;DR;DC – if you turn your body 90 degrees to your throw-hand side, you can do a front-style bind. Which is all you really need to do to get the yoyo back to your hand as you’re learning!

There ARE videos out there (even on YYE) that show a bind from a trapeze (with an extra roll). These are notoriously unreliable and snaggy binds… learn a proper undermount (also called back spin) bind. Until then, do the “turn and frontstyle bind” thing.


Reverse trapeze then bind voila!


Maybe this could be helpful:


OH, that’s it. Thanks, all of you guys. Lefski, the video helped alot  ;D


That’s one of the tutorials that refers to letting the loop “fall into” the gap. This works sometimes, but the absolutely most reliable bind involves pinching the loop instead. As it binds and starts to return to your hand, the loop will almost automatically “pull free” of a light pinch; it’s not like you’re destined to have the pinching hand hit too many times. :wink:

When I was letting it “fall into” the gap, I was missing the bind half the time. Started pinching and I never looked back. :wink:

This video is for frontstyle bind (which you already seem to do) but it also shows exactly what is happening during a bind, which is useful to know:


Pinching is definitely the best way.