Finger spin bind help!


I have started to learn finger spins and I can land them when ever I want now, but I cannot figure out how to bind with them. Im hoping someone here will be able to help put it in perspective for me because I think I am just missing something when I watch other peoples videos. When I throw it I throw a horizontal side mount. The link below a video of me doing it if that helps anyone understand my problem.


First of all, you’re throwing breakaway horizontal (you should be throwing frontstyle horizontal). And to bind, you just do a horizontal one-handed bind.


So this trick cannot be done with a breakaway?

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It can be its just not the propper way. So if your doing the trick from a break away sll yo have to do is pop the yoyo on your finger and then do a Harold owens the III bind


ignore first part of trick

Just whip the string into the gap of the yoyo so that the loop grabs and makes it come back, pulling the end of the string will help once it gets into the gap. This CAN be done from a breakaway! Just keep practicing and you’ll get it.

If your string is not whippy enough, I recommend Epic Strings Whips, available here on YoYoExpert at


Whippiness of string doesn’t make a huge difference. It’s just a regular one handed front throw bind. Whippiness will kind of add a “rushed” effect to the trick.


You can do it from breakaway. I do it almost exclusively from breakaway actually. The softer “grab” gives it a smoother look IMO.

The tip that really helped when I was learning is that your throwhand comes WAY closer to the yoyo than you think it should. You can practically touch the yoyo with your NTH as you do the whip. As you pull the hand back away, it’ll be a reasonable distance from the yoyo when the bind actually catches.

Being that close is mainly to make it much easier to aim the string into the gap.


Well, I think that only works with yoyos with certain responsiveness. Generally weak responses will not work for a breakaway throw because the slack used for the bind will slip. If it’s an average response you should be fine though.


Absolutely true. I was fingerspinning a Chik today after I had just put on a “normal” kitty to replace a thicker string that had been on there. Couldn’t hit the bind with it due to the thinner string + older response combination.

On the other hand, this sort of holds true for any trick bind. You can slip laceration binds, Guy Wright binds, and even normal binds (if you don’t pinch or don’t have a long enough tail) by having weak response. So it seems like kind of a “given”. :wink:

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DID IT!! Been dying to learn how it works, so I watched your vid a bunch. New favorite trick ;D ;D



And then like.

This totally happened.


Great freestyle! Can you make a tut for that arm trick?