Proposed Fingerspin Tricks

Hello all. I just got my first fingerspin capable yoyo, The Skyva, and have been wanting to create some fingerspin tricks with it. I have seen the behind the back toss/catch to the same finger, and the 2 player catch, but that is all I have seen. Are there any others?

I have begun trying land a fingerspin, toss it up, send the string over and back under the yoyo, then land on the same finger. (Jumprope)

I am also trying 2 passes of the string and landing on opposite hand finger (double dutch)

I suspect there is a way to kickflip from fingerspin to fingerspin, but mine won’t rotate like that yet.

The contact juggle style finger to finger, around the hand seems viable for someone whom is really adept at fingerspins, but that is out of my depth.

I land in a triangle when I try and bind, because I have awful form, but have not figured out what to do with that yet, any suggestions?

I would love to hear what you guys think of these, and anything new you are trying to do with the fingerspins. Any videos of these tricks would be awesome to see. Thanks you all for letting me share.


For the whipping bind, bring your throwhand MUCH closer to the yoyo than you think you need to, which should make it near impossible to miss the gap. And do it with enough confidence (and with enough spin left on the yoyo!) that the excess loop cannot flop around in order to form a triangle.

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Here is a finger spin idea w/ the MagicYoYo Stealth. There is a better copy on JTV toward the end of the Mystery Prize video (around 2:15).


Hey guys, I wanted to update this proposed trick list. I realized a mid air horizontal bind (after tossing fingerspin in the air) works. I hit it once, halfway back to my hand due to strimg tension. Keep the tension neutral, hit a fingerspin, start the regular whip bind, and then toss the yoyo in the air and aim the whip towards the gap. Maybe easier to up angle whip and just throw yoyo higher…triangles happen so many times. I call it “Get Over Here” from Mortal Kombat fame.

I have a horrible bind style, so I have yrt yo bind them, but I do know that my jumprope trick and contact juggle tricks work. I got one hop over with the first, and two finger passes (in a line, not circle) with the second. I believe double dutch to work, but I am going to have to hit the GOH bind l, or create a throwhand bind.

Thanks for all you guys support. Much respect.


@lukerenner @gregp

I can do that bind ur talking about but I prefer to pop the yoyo up then whip the string to bind, I think it looks better.

Speaking of fingerspin-type tricks, I personally don’t think the Skyva is good for them. They are good for straight up fingerspins but when it comes to hops and other fingerspin tricks the skyva isn’t forgiving since of made of plastic. Due to this it’s not forgiving when there’s skin contact, especially when you don’t land in the hub straight up, which is very difficult to do consistently when you’re doing hops and stuff.

For fingerspin tricks I think a yoyo with a blasted flat hub works best, or something like the Eternal Throw Elysian where it easily directs your finger to the center. I don’t think yoyos like the Horizon are that good for fingerspin tricks either because they appear to get out of control pretty easily if you don’t land perfectly, but I haven’t tried it myself so I can’t comment.

Now, speaking of tricks I like to do hops back and forth each hand, hopping from finger to finger, the behind the back fingerspin then pop to te front an catch, neck wraps, and fingerspin Eli hops. I’m working on some concepts involving the legs as well.

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I wanted to start the whip in the air, but I never get the slack to form there for some reason (even throwing towards my throw hand). How do you do it? Do you have a bind for fingerspins on throw hand?

Thanks for replying. So cool to see all the innovation. I would love to see your leg tricks when you solve that mystery.

All the best.


What do you mean by you can’t get the slack to form? Like you can’t get the whip going? And about the throwhand bind, I don’t think there’s a good way to do it.

I’m kinda surprised that there aren’t more people doing fingerspin tricks despite the increase in interest and fingerspin-designed yoyos. There seems like a lot of people that can do basic fingerspins but nobody branches out further than that.

Ya, for some reason I cannot get the whip to start if the yoyo is in the air. That is why I start the motion while doing fingerspin, then toss up and aim string into the gap.

As far as fingerspin tricks, I am surprised too. I have found a couple of fingerspin trickers, but not many. I think it is the difficulty of yoyos to keep spinning after the hop, be it a bounce/spin off, or stopping, just like you said. Plus bind options seem so limited right now on these, that a yoyo has to spin for quite a while to make sure any new trick ends on yiur nth for the current binds.

Agreed that there’s a disproportionate interest in fingerspins vs actual non-basic fingerspin tricks! Lord knows I’m not the one to innovate in that space. :wink:

Hey guys, any ideas on how to make a tighter string hold that doesn’t slip off my finger/thumb for a new chipstick fongerspin bind I am working on. I hit a mid air one, but it only binds halfway. With a better hold, I can pull through longer, and turn my hand, to give the bind its power. This should be useful for even breakaway horizontal fingerspins, for those that prefer that toss.

As always, much love.