So... Finger Spins...

I’m trying to figure them out, but every time I land the yoyo on my finger, which I do quite well now, the string starts to wrap around the finger that I’m spinning on. I know I need to keep the string away from my finger, but every time I loosen the string to attempt the bind, it wraps around my finger and stops the yoyo. Any suggestions.

First off, what yoyo are you using?

Second, when your doing the whip, throw the string straight out in front of you and let it slack around the yoyo

Third, once it wraps around tug your throw hand a tiny bit and itll bind (this will change depending on how responsive your yoyo is)

Today I’ve been using my Bvm2. That’s the throw I seem to get to land the best on my finger without spinning out of control.

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Sounds like you’re doing everything right. Just gotta be a bit quicker when you’re whipping the slack in for the bind.


If you use your fingernail youll get a bit more time before it dies out

I just learned how to do this trick the other day HERES WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! Don’t let too much slack when the yoyo is just spinning or else it will catch on your finger. Too tight and it will stop the yoyos mino movements. Then when you go to whip, do it with confidence. Don’t move too slow or the slack will wrap around your finger. Just do it. Don’t hesitate and aim accurately.

And remember. No trick is too BIG.

I agree with you on this point; however, I think a better method is just to hold the string up higher so that the slack doesn’t fall beneath the yoyo and ufo the string around your finger.

Agreed. Just watch the droop of the slack, and position your hand so that it can’t do the “wrap around the forefinger” thing.

I do let the slack droop just a little bit as I “wind up” for the whipping bind, but the motion is fluid enough and the droop is controlled enough that it doesn’t seem to get “sucked in”.

Also start moving the string before you form your slack

dont worry horizontal is just a fad, it’ll go away soon



Thank you for accommodating us ios users Greg.

You know it!

That’s such a great and creative way to use a green screen; its all timed properly and everything

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It’s timed out for most of the CLYW contest video section, too; especially the Bucketception part. Not so much for the Wrist Mount Slack-- in that case, it looks even less timed because Alexis JV is a lefty. But I was still pretty proud of that section of the video! 1:00 onward:


Oh, there’s a fingerspin in there… to keep it on-topic… :wink: 0:50 or so I think?