Bind return from fingerspin - halp!

I can get a pretty powerful spin going on with my El Ranchero, and I THOUGHT I stumbled across the secret of binding it back… I thought wrong.

I watch Ethan Wong and he just kind of casually throws a loop around and gently returns it. I mean… it doesn’t LOOK like he’s doing anything special.

But this is hard stuff! When I try to drape a loop around, the response doesn’t grab. If I try to whip some loop in, I keep getting it all tangly on my throwhand or throwhand wrist.

Any pointers? Any “breakthrough moments” for any of you where you thought, “Ahah, that’s the small adjustment I had to make!”?

It it matters (don’t see why it should!) I typically do the spin on my thumb, but I can do it on any other finger if need be.

Make sure your left hand is lower and right hand is higher

Then make sure when you swing it make your right hand get as close to the yoyo as you can!

And also use a thick soft string
I reccomend Candy string, or fat kitties

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Thanks! I’m already using fat kitties, but I am NOT getting the throw hand close to the yoyo. I’ll add that tip in and report back (much later!).

First off, let me say I’ve never even tried a fingerspin or its bind. But I think part of the idea is that once the loop is moving in the right direction, you need to pull your TH back in the other direction at some point. This will bring the “radius” of part of the loop in towards the bearing and increase the speed of the loop around the bearing (angular momentum preserved, sort of). It accelerates the loop around the bearing so that it wraps around faster. It’s the similar to the physics for why suicide loops open.

I think you can see Ethan pull back a little after the initial whip movement. However he then also goes back a little toward the yo-yo to give slack and let the string and bearing start winding. I think there are two slight changes of direction for the TH.

And yes, it looks like he gets the TH pretty close to the yo-yo.

Also, make sure you’re spinning in the right direction or it likely won’t bind.

Hope that helps. Maybe someday I’ll try it.

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Pulling, that’s also a great tip I forgot!
Also make sure your pointer in the yoyo
the nail is facing you

Make sure your not throwing it like a breakaway, but instead like you were going into frontstyle. Sounds simple, but its the only way to get it right.

Use Krazy Klown string. It is SO THICK. It will make any special bind easy, and any normal bind snaggy. It is super heavy and whippy too.

Haha! I have some Krazy Klown from my Lesula. It’s not thick at all. I think the Krazy Klown system has all kinds of thicknesses.

I do have some Toxic Metz thick, which is nutty-thick. Could put that in there as “trainer string”. :wink:

Not thick? The string that came with my Top 3 case is definitely thick. It said it is Krazy Klown on the store page. When both are broken in, it is a little thicker than Kitty Fat.

Top is Fat Kitty while bottom is Krazy Klown.
While not the thickest string in the world, it is very responsive (and rough on the hands). I personally wouldn’t reccomend it due to how snaggy it is, but is okay for practicing special binds.

I just meant there are different thicknesses of Krazy Klown. They have a whole “fit me!” system. The particular one I got is normal thickness at most. The particular one you got is probably thicker.

Toxic Metz Thick is about twice the thickness of fat kitties. Now THAT’s a thick string!

this is great… i was doing this last night came here for tips.

No it’s not easy… at least not to where it looks as smooth as some of the videos i found.

when i get it to work i end up moving my hand towards the yoyo to feed the string instead of letting the yoyo come to my hand… but my snap start is weak still so… i guess im compensating for that

but I’m refusing to hand wind my string from now on …

edited cause i misunderstood your post :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha! Fingerspin is a technique whereby you have the yoyo spinning horizontally on your finger. :wink:

My snap starts are boss. I snap into the air, catch in a frontstyle trapeze-ish thing and then bind smoothly back to hand. :wink: Definitely the first thing I learned after I learned to bind was how to snap start. I didn’t want to hand wind EVAR.

Right on! Implemented some of the tricks here and did it! The three biggest factors were:

  1. The hand close to the yoyo thing. This helped tremendously, even though I think I came TOO close and got extra-long (therefore snaggy) tails into my binds.

  2. Yoyo hand lower than I had been holding it.

  3. Confidence. I was too unsure about the whip towards the gap so I was being overly delicate. Once I started saying “Aw, heck, let’s just have at it” (which is easier to be confident about when you’re doing the hand closer to the yoyo thing by the way!) it came a lot more quickly.

I was able to successfully do both the “bind to hand” and also the “bring hand to yoyo” styles. Super satisfying! Now to work on smoothing it out and perfecting it.

Once that’s done, I have to figure out how to get into the fingerspin/matador more elegantly.

Thanks for the halp, folks! I’ll see about posting a video once I get the fixed-axle video done.

I’m glad the techniques help you!