horizontal finger spins

Hey you guys. Do you guys have any tips for horizontal finger spins? I have a dv888 and I don’t know if its to small oor what. I switch on and off from nylon 1.5 and nylon fat.

like i can get the yoyo spinning on my finger pretty good its just the binding part

Whip harder and faster into the Yoyo

I just did my first bind on a fingerspin this week. When you whip the string, aim a little high. Also don’t let there be slack before the bind (while it spins).

as before mentioned kinda whip over where you want the string to land worse case scenario you go over the yoyo and you try again. make sure you give it a good whip or else you wont have enough power to get a good bind… after that its pretty much controlling the bind so the yoyo doesn’t go all over the place and whack you in the face.