horizontal finger grind help


I’ve always thought this trick was cool but I could never do it correctly. I have a Bonfire and it has a great grinding finish but when I attempt to do a horizontal finger grind it just doesn’t last long enough. I see videos where people pull them off for a good amount of time and then bring it back to there hand with a good bind. I’ve tried to throw it as if I’m throwing a regular trapeze but sideways but my binds don’t grip well. I’ve tried to throw it the opposite way but my finger spins don’t last very long and it is hard to do the bind because my slack always misses the gap by going under or over. It’s easier to get the slack in the gap and my finger spins last a bit longer when I throw it normal but horizontal instead of throwing the opposite way. So basically I’m asking for help. Any kind of help is appreciated. I REALLY want to learn this trick and I’m getting frustrated over it.


I’m pretty sure someone on the forums mentioned putting some lube on the cup and that makes it spin longer on your finger. The traditional fingerspin bind typically only works if you throw the yoyo frontstyle, so I suggest you just keep at it and get that smooth. As for the slack missing, it’s all practice, but try and bring your hand as close to the yoyo as possible at first to properly “guide” the string. It also helps for me to aim my slack at the top edge of my yoyo and let gravity do the rest.


huh, I always throw it side style. I can’t throw frontstyle.


Yeah throw it like a traditional frisbee throw

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It’ll work either way. I’ve done countless fingerspins with a breakaway throw. I don’t know why, but I’m actually more comfortable doing the whipping bind when the direction is “wrong” for the bind. It doesn’t wamble up and it hardly ever “rockets” off the NTH finger on a tight bind. It’s smooooooth the “wrong” way!

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But if you have slippy response it doesn’t really work :-\

I understand what you’re saying though.


True, but you don’t need grippy response either… you just need SOME response. If your response is so slippy that you can’t pull this off, you probably need new response.


OK I’m now at the point where I throw it like a Frisbee , do the banana turn over motion thing and hop it on my finger but the spin doesn’t last very long until it starts doing this wobble/dance like motion (when a spin top is about to stop kind of motion ) and then it dies. I try to keep my finger as close to the rim as possible but my finger always ends up next to the hub/spike on my bonfire and there’s a little circle grove around the spike where my finger just sits on and I can’t get it back the rim. Do I need to move my finger to the direction the yoyo is going? Or not move the finger at all? Also times when I can successfully do a bind I do it and the yoyo fly off my finger. I’ve hit myself in the face with the yoyo already because the yoyo rockets off when I do the bind. Also the tip on aiming the string on the top edge of the yoyo is working but at times throwing the slack feels unnatural or me feeling very clumsy about it. Any tips on anything I’ve listed above TRULY HELPS because I’m at the point where I start to feel hot and sweat around my nose,shoulders,armpits, and hands causing me to have frustration and want to pull my hair and.yell and swear, and slam the yoyo on the floor.


First, you don’t have to do a turnover, In my opinion that makes it harder to land on your finger. You want to land it on a slight angle, not flat if you want it to spin out later and make sure it doesn’t UFO/sidewinder before you land on your finger that kills your spin


Frontspin binds will always feel more “cushy”, they don’t snap back to your hand so hard because the string is going with the rotation of the yoyo

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Throw it at an angle.


I have no nails so the yoyo just bounces off after a half second.


Actually I find any fingernail at all takes away from it. Also I’ve noticed it helps if you have calloused ‘man hands’