Starting finger spins


Hey guys. I was looking to try finger spins, but I don’t know how to get into them. How do you do it? And also, will it work on yoyos with axle nipples like a chief?


Finger spins? Do you mean matador? If so, the nubs have to be spikes.


You can do finger spins without spikes… You dont need them, you throw it horizontally and when it’s still spinning, pop it onto your finger, I guess that’s what you do…


Basically it. Binding can be hard though.


OH, if you’re talking about horizontal grinds, doesn’t the cup need to be flat, not have a nub?

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I Can do it with any yoyo with a cup.
It doesn’t need to be flat. Just as long as your finger can go into the cup, Like a Thumb grind. you can fingerspin


I tried finger spins, I suck at them. I also dont throw it right (like horizontally).

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do you throw it with a front throw, rather than a breakaway?


I can finger spin with my Deadly Spins Wrath and it has a spike. You fingerspin with almost any yoyo. Some are just easier than others.

To the OP basically what everyone else is saying. Throw a horizontal break away or a horizontal throw around your non throwhand. Once the yoyo has left your hand and is spinning, pop it up on to your finger. To bind it, whip the string into the gap. Binding it very difficult at first. To practice the bind, hold the dead yoyo horizontal with your index and thumb on your non throwhand. Hold the yoyo out at the distance where it would be when it’s spinning. Practice whipping the string into the gap and pulling. When you pull you should feel a little bit of resistance. When you bind while the yoyo is spinning tug on the string lightly, not as hard as when the yoyo is dead. When you feel the yoyo grab the string bring your throw hand toward the yoyo so that the yoyo can wind up.

Here’s a video from the C3 youtube channel:


Umm, im throwing it like somebody would if there playing horizontal. It’s not front or a break away

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theres 2 ways to throw horizontal.
The one in the video above, is the front throw

this video

is a break away

It still is a breakaway, just a horizontal breakaway


Yeah, a side note here - I struggled with the proper horizontal throw until I realized you had to treat it like a horizontal breakaway. Where were you all those months, aznnboyaZ? ;D

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Welp, Sorry about that haha! :slight_smile:


Oh, then im throwing a breakway. Not the front throw.

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Do a front throw for the Fingerspin. It helps so much!


Ok thanks ill try