complicated bind


can anyone help me with the bind that harold owens III does at 2:19 at the national yoyo contest i get the first part where you bring the yoyo up but i cant get the part where the slack hits your arm and binds can anyone help


im not gonna relook at the video but im pretty sure you talking about the hand laceration bind thing


its like doing a double reverse hook, without the hook and instead going for a laceration and hitting the slack with your hand


i have slowed it down more and looked at it very closely and now im just stuck because i am hitting the slack but i cant get it to bind and i have tried it many ways and i cant figure it out


Are you doing it from a breakaway or a regular sleeper?

If you are doing it from a breakaway it is easier from a fronstyle throw(regular sleeper)


This is true, i fyou are doing it from a breakaway the yoyo will be spinning the wrong way for a “proper” bind. Remeber: youre basically binding the yoyo with a cool looking laceration


I learned it really fast because I thought it would come in handy one day.
Anyway, you have to know how to do one of those binds where you swing your right arm counterclockwise and have the slack hit your arm. That’s a relatively simple thing to learn

Next, after practicing that, try to guide the yoyo to hit the string and learn what it dpfeels like with the yoyo you want to do it with.

Finally, once you learn that bind, simultaneously start crossing your arms as soon as the yoyo hits the string.
But you’re going to have to leave a little bit of space, for the yoyo to return to your hand, between your arm and your torso.

Hoped this helped