whip bind?

How do I do those whip binds that players like paul han and jensen do where you whip the string like a hook, it binds, but it looks like you got a snag, however, you dont get a snag…

you have to have lvl40 awesomeness. :stuck_out_tongue:

Laceration bind. Just lacerate the string into the yoyo and do it really straight. It will bind. It’s not that hard. Give it a try.

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Basically what mi said. you just do a laceration or a hook but hit the yoyo with the loop instead of bringing it up to catch it on your finger.

Yeah, just do a laceration, but don’t catch the loop, and it should bind. Also the yoyo has to be spinning forward, not backwards, so do it from a frontstyle throw.

lies i do this from only sidestyle throws.

You can do it Froma breakaway

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I do it from a breakaway.

doesn’t matter if it is from frontstyle or sidestyle, just lacerate to one direction for frontstyle and the opposite for sidestyle.

Except in front style you’re not in front of the yoyo, so you will have to lacerate it when turning your body unless you can lacerate towards yourself. Ive done it once or twice. xD

i keep getting a knot…

That means you’re missing. Only one strand of the laceration is going in, the other is going around. Make sure to have both go into the gap.

Check this…

He does a ridiculous bind from a breakaway to a regen at about 1:02, and does many other things of the like. Also watch Yuuki, he is the master of this type of thing.

It works better that way I described.

you could also do a 3a 1 handed bind. basically you do a lanceration and catch it on your throwhand thumb (or anything for that matter) and then just throw the yoyo upwards and let go.

do a laceration but don’t catch the string with your nonthrowhand

I answered this thread in reply 1 or 2. Please stop bumping it.

it has to be an aggresive laceration

Just a normal laceration works for me.