Whip Bind Thing?

Hey guys, there is this one bind I would love to learn. I see it in a lot of CLYW videos. They basically do a laceration, and then whip it back the other way and it binds. Does anybody know how to do it?

It’s quite simple really; you just need to learn laceration and it’ll be pretty easy to figure out from there. You just need to do laceration but don’t put your finger in the loop. You might want to make the loop a bit longer if you still can’t bind it after a few times as well. Hope this helps ;D

I don’t think that’s what he means…

He means whipping it the other way…

Do you have an example video?

like the bind at 2:34?

It could be that.  Let’s see what he says…

Oh, and I don’t think I will ever be able to take your name seriously. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not sure but I think he meant this (which is what I was referring to)

By the way, that isn’t me.  It just turned out to be the first couple of videos I found when I searched on YouTube.

No I can do that. Really simple lol. Let me find a video, then you will all see what I mean

at 33 secs?

Thats pretty close, I saw it done from a sleeper, but it’s the same concept. You like do a laceration, and then whip it back and it goes around and binds

the one i do is the same, but i use the whip to make it more flashy haha

its gonna be in the tutorial for Electric Bologna im working on.

so dont worry :smiley:

Is it the one shinnosuke does at 1:25?

No, that is a laceration bind, super easy. Imagine if when he lacerated that loop around, he hit it back and it bound. That is what I am talking about

i 90% sure i know what you are talking about, i will try to post vid tom.

are you talking about like the 2nd or 3rd bind he does?

Hard to tell, but I dont think so. When I find the video, I will post it

one thing to remember is that the people who invented these things didn’t have any videos to help them. If you yoyo then you are already verry creative and skilled;use what you know NOW and play around,mickey didn’t wake up one morning and decide to win worlds 3 times, he practiced(probably,lol), he endured, and he came out on top despite god knows what,and you can too…

…but videos help alot. i do somthing similar with suicides where i literaly hit/slap the string and then whip it like a laceration the opposite way and bind like that. i hope you get the trick!

I think what he means is that when you do the laceration motion, instead of catching the string let it swing past and above the yoyo. Then, take your nth and hit the string so that it goes back into the grove of the yoyo and underneath, creating what is basically a reverse trapeze, but it continues to wrap around the yoyo and bind it.

Something like this right?

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Yeah, just like that! Thanks man!