Slack bind

I have seen a lot of professional yoyoers use a bind that starts off like a laceration but the string hits the yoyoers arm and the yoyo binds itself. Does this bind have a name? I would like to learn it but don’t where to find a tutorial.


bump…i would like to learn some new binds also.

its not the exact bind you are looking for i think… but i like this one and its in the same kind of style… the tutorial is very good aswell!!

this probably is what your looking for… you can just replace the leg with the arm… its the same thing

you meant at 1:00?

Ha, that’s me… :smiley:

oh great! :smiley: its a good tutorial… made it very easy to learn! thanks for that :smiley:

You’re welcome. ;D

Do a reverse laceration. Instead of catching the loop let it hit the top of your arm/hand/whatever. Then let the yoyo fall on top of it.