laceration type bind help

how do you do that trick where it looks like a brent stole/hook but then it turns to bind i see but can’t explain exactly

Well it’s kinda hard, if I’m thinking of the same trick. Whip like your doing a hook but don’t catch on your finger let the loop land in the gap and it should bind. It will only work if that loop whips into the gap properly. ::slight_smile: HOpe this helps.

It’s more like a laceration. If done hard enough it will bind I find that it is also different for each yoyo some easier then others. If it doesn’t bind you can assist it by using your hand, arm, leg, foot, or elbow to push on the bottom side of the loop. Let me know how it works out.

Do a cheater laceration without catching the loop, let it go into the gap, and tug.

strangely from the advice im doing a twisted looking brent stole when i try to push on the string but i can do a ann connoly bind now

Lots of practice, and it’s not very practical. You’d be better off doing a suicide bind, that’s my favorite :slight_smile:


Yoyoing’s practical?!

You’ll need to throw it the opposite way/do a gyro flop to make it spin the other direction and it will bind much easier.

I think its called the Ann Connoley bind. You whip the loop into the yoyo gap. It took me like 3 months to get it down

Haha depends on your purpose of yoyoing. I was referring to the bind being impractical due to the fact it is unreliable and you can easily get knots.

It’s a snaggy and unreliable bind, but not too difficult once you truly see what’s going on (as mentioned in above responses, the loop from the whip going into the gap and around the axle a bit, encouraging a bind either immediately or as the yoyo starts coming back down depending on setup and whip strength).

I found it enormously helpful to really concentrate on string alignment; I do the whip almost like a deliberate sideways underhand throw, aiming very consciously for the gap. Unlike my “fake laceration” which I just whip hard in the usual way.

I also start the whip with my hand pretty close to the yoyo for even better accuracy, though (again, depending on setup) you have to adjust the distance from your hand to the yoyo pretty quickly or you might unexpectely bind too early (which will surely cause a snag or at least a really poor bind that will “jump” on your next throw).

It’s a pretty neat looking bind, but yeah… unreliable to say the least.

I was joking around. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, yeah, this bind is cool, you get less snags when you do it from a regular throw, frontstyle/sleeper.