one handed bind help

im trying to find some one handed binds, all i could find is plastic whip bind. i also found a way to bind doing a backward laceration. anybody know any other ways to do one handed binds?

lanceration binds, whip binds, that is about all i know. there are some that involve other body parts but i can’t specify the trick or video. it may have been guy’s i punched a boxthor in the catch 22, but i am not sure

All I can say is try a wrist whip bind.

hmm, whats wrong with the plastic whip bind? and if it’s for 3a you can just bind them one at a time using the backwards bind. but no, i dont really know any other ones.

You can do a sideways plastic whip so the string is around your index finger and swing it over twice, twice being for a slightly responsive yoyo in string tricks. But you can swing it over as many times as you need to, and when you are swinging it, let go of the string around your index finger in midair, and it should bind. ;D :wink: :slight_smile:

lmao i invented one i believe. throw a large laceration into the gap of the yoyo and tug

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i do that all the time ^-^

What do you guys mean by “Wrist whip bind” i can’t see how you can bind with a wrist whip?

i tried a wrist whip bind ( a wrist whip where i drop the string off my wrist and give the yoyo a tug) it worked but it snags up every time. i understand how to bind with whips and lacerations i just didnt know if there was any more advanced or maybe showie one handed binds

Try doing a double wrist whip. Works for me.

how would that bind any better than a single wrist whip?

Wait no, that was stupid my bad.

I just kinda do a wrist whip/plastic whip without catching the loop.