One-handed bind ?


Hey ! When someone call me while i yoyo i just do some plastic whip and keychain and hold the phone and was wondering if there was other bind than throwing the yoyo backward in a plastic whip or laceration bind ? And also , do you have cool one-handed tricks ?


I only know of two.
Thre’s the side plastic whip (That’s the name I’m giving it for now) Where you throw break away an you do a plastic whip motion to send the string around the yoyo and bind. That’s the only one hand bind I now besides plastic whip. And the trick I know is a variation of shooting star, where you do it all with one hand.


Gotcha covered


I believe this is called a laceration bind:
(If you’re right handed) basically you throw a laceration but throw the slack to the right, into the gap and the response should catch it. Ann Connolly does it in this video at 1:36


The one handed binds were very well done. Adds a lot of flash, I’ll have to try out the ones that work for me.


I am glad you posted this.