Is there a name for this bind?


I have a bind I’ve stumbled across, and I’m wondering if there is a name or a video for the bind. The basic steps are from a man and his brother, you drop the string off you NTH index. Then flick the string off you TH index and pull the yoyo in the opposite direction.


(SlimJoe) #2

Essentially, its the same as the Plastic whip bind. I don’t think it has a name, but it’s a similar element.


Hmm. it’s a fairly different motion from the plastic whip bind, but maybe. I’ll post upa video later today. It might help illustrate it.


didnt actually know of this bind^^ ya… you get into it differently than a plastic whip… but the bind is actually the same… its just a one handet bind… dont know if there is a name


Brother bind


Since it can be performed from a sidestyle plastic whip, I’d call it similar to a plastic whip bind


I don’t know a name, but I’ve done it before. Generally, a trick with few elements isn’t original :confused:


I’m sure it’s not original, but I’ve only stumbled over a few times. I had tried previously to do it repeatedly, but hadn’t had success. I was hoping there was a video or something that would have let me see somebody else do it so I could get it more consistent. The plastic whip bind was flipping it over my throw hand so it didn’t really help me narrow down what movement I was missing.

I didn’t get a chance to post a video, but I did figured out what movement I was missing to make the bind consistent.



Do you do it just like plastic whip? Because when I use this bind I find that flipping it in a circle really improves how often it will come back.

EDIT: Whoops…used this bind a couple of times and I realize that the circle is counter productive. Sorry, that’s what happens when you take a break from yoyoing I guess. :-[ What I do in case it helps. Loop hangs from index of throw hand and then just a flick of the wrist to the side.


Yeah it was the flick that I couldn’t get consistent. I figured it out and hit it a little more frequently now.