The First REAL ONE HANDED Non-Slack, Non-Whip, Non-Suicide Bind That's For 1A!

I finally did it. After months of going on and off of trying to figure out how to one handed bind, I actually found a way!! Here’s me doing it down below. Sorry I act weird, I have HUGE camera fright and don’t really shutter (which was the yoyo I was also using, he he) in real life like I kind of did in the video. If you would like a tutorial or better video quality, then please let me know. If you do want a tutorial, I promise I’ll make it better quality as well as side views. Basically what I do is I do a front trapeze with just my index finger and my thumb. But I can’t just do that, because there is too much string. So I wound up the string around my wrist so I can get closer to it. Then I pinch the top of the trapeze string so I can untwist the string around my wrist so then it gets me in a bind position so when I pull my finger (he he) and drop the yoyo at the same time, it’ll come back to my hand without a knot. Once again, let me know if you would like a tutorial explaining it with better quality. Cheers!

Very inspired


My way that I “one-handed” bind is by doing a plastic whip and then swinging it away from my body if Im in front style.

Too me that is just… Nah. I just open chopstick and throw it into a bind.

Sorry if I am understanding you wrong but… you can do chopsticks with 1 hand… To me that is just… Nah.

And wow Darkscism, that is actually another way to do it!

Just push into string

Foofy69: I’m quite sure its possible

Nice work man. Very different from the normal ways to bind.

The plastic whip is my typical way, but that doesn’t meet the “non-slack, non-whip” criteria of the title. :wink:

Thanks for all the love so far. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside =D

Creative and innovative! Although I also use the plastic whip approach myself as well.

Why not just use your arm to push the string shorter? Like in around the corner. Much faster.

That too.

I think I would just pop into that chop stick mount with out the wrapping of the arm.
Nice job figuring a way through the trick.

I know that that’s possible, but REALLY difficult, if I am understanding you correctly.

I wouldn’t call it the first but nice job! Really innovative :+1:

When I click on the link it says video unavailable, don’t know if any of you are getting that


Same. prob private ?