Unresponsive One handed tricks

Obviously yoyoing with a fixed axle yoyo you can do a lot of tricks one handed.
Especially in the looping category.

With an unresponsive yoyo, this becomes a lot more difficult because you have to bind to get the yoyo back.

I do a lot of walking around with stuff in one hand, and that leaves me a free hand to yoyo.
After I learned plastic whip about 3 hours ago, I got the idea that you could use it to bind.
It’s a little tricky, but if you drop the loop in towards yourself and pull up a little on the yoyo, you can get it to bind and return from a plastic whip.

So, now that I can do that… are there any other tricks you guys can think of that only use one hand?

You can do whip type tricks with one hand. It might be hard tho depending on how much stuff your walking around with

I do plastic whip to regens all the time. If u throw the Yoyo in front of u after plastic whip the binds are way more consistent

Oooohhhhh… That makes sense.
So do you swing it up over your hand and release, or just do like an under hand forward swing type of thing?

Bird in the hand, One handed star, One handed bind…just to name a few

Over the hand to breakaway from a normal throw

Try a one handed wrist mount. (It’s hard but very fun!)

Once you’ve hit that, try a one handed spirit bomb (I’m not sure that it’s even possible, but why not try?)

Around the worlds, reverse around the worlds, and cross arm around the worlds  ;D ;D

When I’m on the phone I do one handed grinds by throwing a regular sleeper, popping the yoyo straight up, and grinding on my index finger.

Single, double, and triple wrist whips are cool too:


I do my one handed binds by throwing forward like a forward toss. If you twist your thumb and string finger a little to the left (assuming you’re right handed), this can help too.


Good idea! I usually use the NTH go get’r going, but there’s no reason you couldn’t learn to do it one-handed.

Getting into follow and then following up (haha) with a side plastic whip bind (gunslinger? Is that right?) is a trick that could keep you going practice-wise for a good long time.

shoot the moon, bind and regen to front throw, r&repeat

there are a few single handed pops mixed in 1:17

There are some pretty funky chopstick moves you can do one handed. Not easy, but definately possible. :slight_smile:

I can’t figure out the mechanics of unresponsive shoot the moon. Mind you, I can’t shoot the moon on a responsive yoyo either. :wink:

This one is a lot of fun :slight_smile:

I’ve tried Plastic whip, to one handed brain twister, to an upward bind, and catching with bird in the hand.

I think I’m having trouble with the bird though because the Too Hot has such low walls that it keeps trying to fall out sideways.

Stupid birds :stuck_out_tongue:

Bird in hand is tough on most unresponsive yoyos. You could modify the landing a bit and close your fingers around the top while it “balances out”.

Off topic…

Random question: does anyone know if the name of this trick has anything to do with the famous yoyo shop in Chico, CA?

I don’t believe it does. The “bird in hand” saying has been around a LONG time!

Throw hand hubstack grabs are fun…and they look cool! 8)