One handed tricks!!

Hey guys, if you can just use one hand to throw… What tricks would you do?

Reason I am asking is… Just got surgery on my left hand and I can’t move it for a month… But I can still throw with my right lol :slight_smile:

Binding is hard but I tried doing a whip to get it back in my hand … Prob need a more responsive throw.

Looping. =)

there are many things you can do, try doing 1 handed wrist mounts, and follow combos.

plastic whip ;D

Plastic whip works n wOrks… I Gota figure out how to do a One handed wrist mount…

But yea with a responsive Yoyo … Looping is awesome :slight_smile:

the series of whips Augie did in the grind-machine video :slight_smile: lol

basically, you throw the yoyo, wrap the string on your twist, pop the yoyo up, and land through the (tiny) loop

For one hand binding try doing a plastic whip then swinging the yoyo forward and letting go.

laceration whip without hanging it on your hand, Augie’s one hand whip
but those are freaking hard