one handed yoyo tricks anyone??


Ok here is my problem. I have a dog that needs to be wolked alot. I have a yoyo that i can’t put down. Hmmmm… if I try doing any thing with two hands the string always getrs knotted up with the leash some how. SO i was wondering if anyone knew any cool one-handed tricks. Soley using the yo hand. Other than bird in the hand.

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Whats bird in the hand? O.o Plastic whip?


Get a looper and practice looping in each hand.


bird in the hand is kinda like a world tour that wraps around your middle and index finger multiple times and near the end you ctach it in a trap between your thumb n finger. Ta Da!!!


Looping for sure. You could also try the forwards style 5a tricks on this site. (One hand mount, shoulder pop, there might be another one or two) as far as 1a there’s like plastic whip. If you can get a sideways throw to work you could do one hand Wrist Mount. Also, you could work on a one handed bind (for 3a) using either laceration that you don’t catch or from plastic whip.

Wrist Mount:

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Can someone put up a video or a link to a vid of the bird in the hand trick? Would love to try that one out. :smiley: thanks


you could get a buzz collar
thats what i do cause i had the same problem then i asked and we got one then i just hang it around my neck and yoyo, then whenever he starts to wander off you just push the button and with training he will respond well

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LMAO!!! That’s a great idea! Benefits everybody too! The dog still gets walked, gets trained as well, and you are still able to yoyo! Brilliant! ;D


Well it’s not a tutorial but it shows it. Around 55 seconds.


Plastic whip 8) 8)


hey a lot of me in here hahahaha…

Anyways One Handed Jade Whips are sick…


Yeah, you do things beastly. That’s why they’re in here. :smiley:


either plastic whip or you could try some one handed grinding.

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You can try to invent your own one-handed round-the-arm tricks though.

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Wrist Whip, Plastic Whip, Grinding.


1 handed lacerations (never tried it but saw it before) you do a lacerationa and catch it on your throwhand pointer, you should try it ibanezcollector, i love ur videos and it would be awsome to see it in highspeed


slip knot your dogs leash around your wrist and then both of your hands are free.
that is what i do.



Haha I could see you doing that. In the middle of a trick he tries to run hard and pulls your hand, tangling everything together. :stuck_out_tongue:

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well… i loop when i walk my little kid.
but… LOAF STYLE!!!

0:54, 1:13


came across this video…  lots one onehanded tricks to learn.