Lacerations Help

Does anyone know how to do the first laceration and the one at 0:56?

Does anyone how to do the laceration at 1:35 or ant other of the lacerations in the video.

I don’t know but from what I’ve tried I can tell you I THINK he catches the laceration on his throw(right) hand and in the process the yoyo goes inderneath(not between like usual)the string overtop and back in the middle. Like an over the 2 strings hop continuing to the front side middle. That’s as close as I’ve come for only spending 5 minutes on it for now. I’m sure others will maybe get it now and help you better.

i LOVE this vid
and sorry i don’t know

don’t know if love quite says it… IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!! :o ;D :o ;D

Sry bout the hijack, i honestly have no idea how to do any of those lacerations. :frowning:

Thats why I am asking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Coolest Laceration tricks I’ve ever seen!!! :o If you dont have one already, could you make videos on how to do them. I am dieing to learn them.

wow, looks like malcolm is getting more famous :smiley: those who want to contact him, maybe you can go to and search for a member called ‘Meowcolm’(use PM)

however he may not be able to reply so soon because he is in the serving the singapore army

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The one at :56 in the first video is somewhat of a reverse brent stole mixed with a suicide.
You throw the suicide, but take your finger and push it into the string. That gives it a triangle whipping motion.

Sorry if this is hard to understand! I am not that great at explaining these things!

It is pretty tricky, I have not landed it much. But, its fun!

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