Yo dudes! :slight_smile:

I just started laceration-ing and its cool 8)
I wanna know all about it. All laceration tricks, is speed-maker or lyn fury. u need good eyesight to do those stuff. the first time i saw it, i wanted to learn it


First I’ll give you a “Mind-Blower”

Then Some Good Shots of laceration, Try them up, And make a video that you can demonstrate. Okay?  ;D

I love lacerating… Im sure thats the term… To lacerate somthing would be to cut it so I guess if you lacerate a yoyo you’ve done a laceration…

But welcome to the world of whips and slacks as well… Just anything to get the string flying!

Just out the videos on this site for hook and plastic whip and then check this video for inspiration

Here’s an old post with some good ones.

Here are some hooks and lacerations… not tutorials. I can’t find the 1.5 hook tut but here’s some to entertain you.

Those tricks (most of them, at least) are actually called “Airs”

I know but Im sure if he likes lacerations he will probably like this style as well

your yoyo must be unresponsive right?

No but it will make it easier for you to learn. I can do it on a totally stock FHZ with both stickers in it. Thats the most responsive yoyo you can buy. lol

This should be in the tricks section.

I can do it with an imperial! Not really, but towards _zachary_63, just try to do the same motion but intersect different parts of the string, or let it continue around more, and use both hands maybe? I’m just throwing out ideas.

You can… Its tough… But it can be done… You just have to whip faster and catch faster to the string doesn’t have time to slack and bind… I can plastic whip my FH2 with one new sticker and no second sticker

don’t think ‘faster’ though, so much as keeping the string our of the response. once spencer berry (who invented lacerations on a stock renegade) picked up my no jive (in imperial) and nailed a bigger, slower laceration than i think i’ve ever seen. then an equally huge flyaway dismount/loop out.

control, control. you must learn control. :wink: