Brent Stole... Help!

Alright, this is the second time I’ve posted about the brent stole. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I whip it around my non throw hand finger once, and move my throw hand forward. Occasionally I land in a regular trapeze or I guess laceration in this context. What am I doing wrong?! Thanks in advance…

Make sure you’re whipping the string back over itself. While moving your TH forward, try moving your NTH backwards.

So throw hand forward and non throw hand backwards?

Make sure you are getting a good, large arm movement when you move the string. When you start the trick, the yoyo should be spinning but otherwise still in its position (duh.). When you initially pop the yoyo up and start the motion of moving the string where you want it to go, make sure to use your whole arm and not just your wrist. If you’re right handed: pop the yoyo into the air and use your right hand to make a clock wise circle motion to whip the string. In this circle motion make sure you move your hand both upwards and then outwards to the right in what may feel like an exaggerated motion. You should make the circle start from a bit behind the yoyo, but not too much, not as much as the video shows. As you complete the circle motion, your right hand should pass a bit under the yoyo, to the left of it a bit, and then over the top of it all in the same clockwise motion. As your hand passes over the yoyo, move it directly out to the right side away from the yoyo (it will need to be far enough away to work) and slightly forward. You can use your left hand to pull the string a bit, like the link to the video below shows. Definitely watch it! This is a trick that you might try 200 times before you get it, but once you get it, it should just kind of click. Stick with it and it will feel like one of the easiest tricks ever, it just takes a while to learn. Hope this helps!

Thanks! I’ll definitely be working on it!

I should mention that different people end up learning the trick differently. When I first figured it out, I got this muscle memory way of doing it with pretty much only my wrist and I got pretty good at it. But when I then tired to learn lord of the flies (my only motivation for learning brent stole) I couldn’t land one to save my life. So I figured out the more consistent way of doing it with the whole arm, which works beautifully with lord of the flies and just looks better in general. Use your widest yoyo and a string that works well for whipping, thin stuff is so much harder to work with for brent stole.

Why am I still landing in a trapeze?

Did you watch the video?
TH = Throw Hand
NTH = No-Throw Hand
If you’re right handed:
While your TH is moving clockwise, it should be slightly behind the yoyo as you move in a circle around the yoyo. As your TH passes to the left of the yoyo, it should still be behind the yoyo. once your TH passes over the top of the yoyo, move it slightly in front of the yoyo as you pull your TH away to the right (far enough to work). it’s kind of a two part thing, you have the general circle motion and then after the circle is completed you go straight to the side.
you might be moving your NTH too much, it should essentially be stationary, maybe just the slightest of tugs could help.

I found this video very helpful when I was learning Brent Stole.

Make sure that the yoyo remains below both of your hands the entire time

Be very patient before moving your throw hand forward. If you can wait till you feel the whip hit the back string then quickly lunge your TH forward you will catch it.

Thanks to everyone who contributed! Especially Eli Flops. I have landed it multiple times. I have found that I’m most successful leaving my NTH still and moving my TH forward when my hand was coming over the yoyo. Thanks again!

Awesome I’m glad you got it!

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