Reverse Brent Stole


Okay, I’ve decided to learn a new trick after months of just doing my own thing and this time I need some tips. I’ve been watching the tutorial below and whenever I try crossing my arms I end up busting my own knuckles…among other things…

Any tips or other videos that will help me land this trick?

(UmeNagisa) #2

Don’t just cross your arms.
Take your right hand and make an Arch over your left hand :slight_smile:


It might be easier if you pop the yoyo up in a different manner. When I was learning it, I found it was much easier to get the timing and momentum of motion down when I would let the yoyo string hang off my non-throw hand, and pull the string  away with your throw hand so that the yoyo lifts up, with your throw hand already in position to whip. For example, I do it like mentioned in the following video.

Break it down into steps. First practice popping it up and catching the string. Then once you get comfortable with that, then work on trying to catch the yoyo. Then after you get used to catching it, you can add the fancy stuff, and find different ways to get fancy.


The best way to learn tricks like this is to understand what is happening in midair with the string and how to manipulate it with your hands to land into it. With that extremely awesome tutorial the OP included you can see what is happening in midair in slow motion with the string and the arms. The arms don’t necessarily cross, think of it as more of the throwhand coming around from the front while the non-throwhand comes in to intercept the string to land in the mount. Practice a lot, and good luck learning the trick!


Just a quick reference check…how is the motion different from Brent Stole and/or Hidemasa Hook? I can do those two without even thinking, but when I do it reverse I still can’t wrap my head around it.

I’ll try my best with all the advice you all gave me. Thanks!


Well first of all, you are whipping the string counterclockwise in a RIB stole, versus clockwise in a hook or brent stole. And then you also have to move your throwhand around to land the trick, versus just sticking your pointer finger out to land a hook or brent stole. Try getting into a RIB stole with a dead yoyo, that should help you grasp the concept.