Brent stole


Any tips on this trick? It is very frustrating. Hook was easy but this, Not so much.


This really helped me get it.


First for me it was easy to learn (then again I accidentally learned it on accident.) but I found when mastering it I helps to aim for the back string and curl your back finger.


Like Abby, curling the back finger helped me. I hook the string segment moreso than just put my forefinger out there.

Then, a real exaggerated and conscious effort to start with my THROW hand back from the yoyo and move it forward. There’s a good 8 inches of movement when I do that.

For the longest time, I had a brain block and I kept moving my NON-THROW hand forward. I just wasn’t “getting” what I needed to do and I kept practicing it wrong. The day I went, “Greg, you fool. It’s your THROW hand that you move forward” I landed Brent Stole several times.


Oh shoot, you’re supposed to mov your throwhand? :o I guess that’s why I only land it 10% of the time, I always moved my nonthrowhand :stuck_out_tongue:


I would pop it up about chest level, and kinda push your throwhand out so the string goes into the gap a little easier


Wow, this trick is crazy, this is one that Iskipped over for a long time. I just though, nah, iI can do ninja vanish, wrist whip to get, etc. Then I read this earlier and dedicated my day to mastering it, well I just figured it out and can do it 70percent of the time, and man that’s a crazy maneuver of the string.


Top-down showing the NTH pointer-finger “hook”.