Brent stole?

I am having trouble landing my brent stole. I get the loop to come across, but it usually bounces of the string going across and my yoyo just falls. I’m wondering where im supposed to land the yoyo. Any help?

I think a really important thing to keep in mind is that when you bring your throwhand forward as the slack is swinging, the string connected to your TH middle should be directly right above your yoyo.  That almost forces the slack to hit the gap of the yoyo.

Also, not sure if you’ve seen Rethinkyoyo’s tutorial for Brent Stole already, so here that is:

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when he says move your throw hand “forward” does he mean

A. Away from your body
B. Towards your non throw hand? (slide to the side of your body)
C. Both?

Thanks ;D

A.  lol

When you move your throwhand away from your body, it lets the string connected to your throwhand to move closer to being perpendicular to the loop of slack swinging.  That, in turn, gives the loop of slack something to swing around… then, when it swings around the string, it hooks into the yoyo, and you’re left in a GT.
^not sure if that made any sense…

here’s another video I just thought of that may be helpful:

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well…when you make the loop for laceration u push forward and that creates a semi circle. the semi circle floats down below the yoyo and there u have it… a green triangle.

sorry if it wasnt clear but i gave it my best shot at explaining.

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I noticed that when I only throw my TH forward with a semi circle it just wraps around the yo and my finger on my NT hand doesn’t do anything except give me a loop around it. If I move my TH forward away from my body and also left (along side of my body) to the other side of the gap it sometimes works. It never works otherwise. I saw on the second video ibanezcollector makes more than a semi circle he makes more like a full circle. ughh it always comes out as a small triangle aswell but I think thats because my hand is too close.

its a pretty technical trick huh?
when i have the loop created i just move both my hands forward
the small triangle doesnt really matter. when u start getting them consistent the triangles will get bigger. just stay focussed and keep working on it :slight_smile: