Reverse Brent stole

Does anyone have a tutorial just can’t figure it out

Sorry, no luck. I have aaaalways wanted to learn this but to no avail. Best of luck finding a tut.

It’s a very hard trick to explain so thats why there arn’t really any tuts for it. I can do the trick but honestly I don’t exactly know what the string is doing.
This is where I learned it from. The trick is, your throwhand goes under the yoyo and a little outward.

do you mean, reverse brent stole like in this vid ^?

Or landing in a reverse with the same motion as a classic brent stole?

It was that one.

Ok, I’ll try to explain: when you’re comfortable with the reverse hook, the move is basically the same as a classic brent stole.

You have to put forward your TH so the yoyo land into the loop. The fact your GT is reversed or normal just depends on which part of the loop the yoyo lands on.

Basically, you’ll just have to move your TH a bit further to land into a reverse GT.

I hope I’ve been clear enough :stuck_out_tongue:

It wa the one in te video above thanks for the help it took like 2 hours but now I can get it every try thanks everyone