Brent Stole.........SUCKS!

So I’ve been trying at this trick the past week. I’ve been going oh so very hard at it. I am able to hit it maybe 1 in about 25 tries. I once hit it twice in a row and thought I was getting better at it, but was so wrong. My string gets tangled and knotted up about 70% of the time. I’ve watched every tutorial over and over. I’ve also read all the tips I can find and I can’t seem to get any better at it. The worst part is, is that I don’t know why I complete it when I do and don’t know what I’m doing wrong when I don’t. What the hell Brent?!? Any hope for me? Does anyone else struggle as much as I do with this trick?

I find it easy with dense strings and very hard (though not impossible) with normal or light density strings (thin Kitty? So hard).

Some very kind people gave me tips and pointers and have told me that once it “clicks”, the string density/speed doesn’t really matter all that much, but I guess it has never “clicked” still because with light strings, I just can’t get it around to hit the yoyo’s gap.

So yeah. It’s hard for me, too. Unless I’m using dense strings like Dragons, and then I can hit it most times.

Best thing you can do is just keep doing what you’re doing. I know that’s not the answer you want lol

It’s a tough trick. Once you get it though it becomes somewhat automatic.

If you can post a video of your attempts I might be able to offer some advice. Maybe, maybe not…

For myself I found that in the early stages I was over whipping the string - trying to force the GT. It’s much more of a finesse move than it appears to be. I like to pull the yoyo up to about my belly button and catch it around my belt area or just below. Any lower and I really have to reach and any higher just falls apart for me.

Some tutorials advocate curling your NTH index finger in and others show it pointing out. You need to try both - for me I can only land it with a pointed NTH index.


I definitely struggle to do this trick consistently. There are a couple of things that help me land it more often:

Get a consistent pop - this will take some practice. trick420 mentioned using his belly button and belt as gauges, and I think this is great advice. Try adjusting how high the yoyo pops up and try to catch it at the peak of the hop or just as the yoyo begins falling. Adjust your whip speed to hit the yoyo at this point.

The more important tip is bringing your throw hand forward as soon as you start the whip - this ensures the loop goes over the string and forms the triangle. Try to keep this segment of string as close to the yoyo as possible - as you move your throw hand forward, you should almost hit the yoyo with the string that is attached to your throw hand.

Other than that, just practice and have fun! If you are getting frustrated, move on to something else and come back to brent stole - I always learn tricks more efficiently when I practice them in sessions rather than try to learn them in a single sitting.

The string makes all the difference for me.

If its a nice whippy string I can typically do it 75% of the time otherwise with an old, dead string, maybe 10% if I’m lucky.

Try it with a whippier string!

Here’s a slow motion video I made for a buddy of mine.  This uses the same “no slack” motion I use to hit it on responsive yoyos.  Maybe it will help.


You all are good people! Thanks a lot for all the advice and the video. That tip to whip at the peak is great. Also, the forward movement, is it like straight forward or should I progressively move throw hand forward as it is in the whipping motion?

Thanks again to all of you.

I thought it was the NTH you have to move forward. :wink: Maybe THAT’S what I’m doing wrong. Haha!

Your throw hand goes forward lol :slight_smile:

Oh WOW!!! I’m such an idiot! It totally just clicked and it was immediately obvious what I was doing wrong the entire time. I wasn’t seeing the big picture. Every tutorial I watched I was focusing too closely on other details. My problem was my throw hand was too low. For some reason I was keeping underneath the plane that the yoyo was on cause I guess I was under the impression it landed on that part of the string. Boy was that stupid! Bye bye constant knots and tangles and hello completed Brent Stole. Now I gotta go for the double whip around and so forth. Thanks for all the help brothers.

Glad to help!

Also, thanks yooldman for that video - your technique helped me land a couple brent stoles on my no jive :wink: