Genuinely confused

Looks straight forward, and I see what is supposed to happen, but what is supposed to happen is not happening for me. I see that the slack goes 1 full rotation of the two strings held by the nonthrowhand, and then around the yoyo and the lower of the two strings in the nonthrowhand, and the yoyo lands on the bottom string held by the nonthrowhand. Yes?

1 of 4 things keeps happening:

  1. The slack completely disappears and I am left with the yoyo landing on the bottom string.
  2. The yoyo is caught in the slack and binds-resulting in a horrible knot and bruised knuckles
  3. I land what looks “right” but when I drop the string held by my throwhand thumb and grab the other string with my nonthrowhand, I am in no way in a green triangle.
  4. I land the trick, and dismount perfectly and feel accomplished (happened 1 time w/ dozens of attempts since)

Any advice? Is there a way I need to be moving the two hands that I am not catching on to? I have been lifting up, pushing out, and then bringing them down.  If you were to watch me from the right side you would see my hands perform a clockwise circle.

I can do this trick.

What you actually do is pop the yoyo up and throw a loop of slack over the top of the formation. you want the yoyo to go into the slack and then land on the back string