Ninja Vanish

im not getting it! im doing the slack that forms but when i try to land it and i get into a trapeze! need help please ???

land IN the slack, not on

Your popin the yoyo a bit to high. How to explain my method. HMMM

Try first off giving yourself a lot of space between the yoyo and the non throw hand. The set the string between you hand and the yoyo perpendicular to the yoyo. For example if you can think in x y z the string from non throw hand to yoyo is z yoyo spins in x and throw hand to non throw hand would be in y. Now pop the yoyo and pretend your changing the channel on an old tv, and land the yoyo in the gap you create. Have you hands in the y direction should stop the trapeze problem.

You’re swinging the yoyo on the wrong string. You do not want the yoyo on the string that comes from your throwhand. You want the yoyo to land slack.

You know when you twist your non-throwhand right? Pull upwards simultaneously. This up motion will give the string slack. The twist basically twists the slack. And you land the yoyo on the TWISTED SLACK. Not the upper string.

don’t lift the yoyo too high or it will land on the slack and create a trapeze

you want it high. i pop it unbeliveably high. i do that so i have time to land it in the slack. also, this thread is about 10 days old. getting old here…

10 days does not warrant a necro…

Everyone has their ways of performing a certain trick. While Carl G may prefer to pop his higher and Buddy Jim prefer a lower pop the important thing to remember is to land the yoyo in the slack loop you create. has a great tutorial on Ninja Vanish.

I found this trick to be moderately difficult at first. Here’s what I do. I hope you find it similar to the others advice.

  1. Throw a Breakaway.
  2. With your non throwhand pinch the string and bring it to a horizontal position a bit higher than your waist. I keep my hands shoulder width apart.
  3. Turn your non throwhand over (

to create the slack. You should do this as if your pulling a weight over if that makes sense. Practice this step a few times to understand how the slack is forming and where the yoyo should land.
4. Keeping your non throwhand palm down aim the yoyo into the bottom of the slack loop you created.

^^ The above written instruction along with the tutorial at GrawrD will guarantee your success with this trick. Practice.

As stated above. If you are in fact still landing in Trapeze try popping it up lower. Popping it higher will give you more time to accomplish the trick but a greater risk of landing in Trapeze. The fact that you are landing in Trapeze means you are keeping your hands parallel which is a good thing.

An easy fix to your issue may be to push your non throwhand a little forward in order to miss the top string. Once the yoyo comes back down past the horizontal string you are holding pull it back and you should be golden.

I hope this helps. Please let us know how you are coming along.

I TOTALLY agree with this. 1slave25, a necro post would be posting in a thread 10 months old, not weeks.

thank you everyone! i have it perfectly now :slight_smile: i really appreciate it!