Ninja Vanish Help


Good News: I get the loop to form perfectly 100% all the tgime

Bad News: The loop goes underneath the yoyo and the yoyo doesn’t land on the string. This results in a knot that I must get out Via putting my hand through the loop n’ blah blah.

So, now that I’ve told you my position, feel free to ask for further details if needed.
Thinking of other info to tell

[size=12pt]Oh yeah!
It feels like a trick by itself how it never works. Maybe my muscles get so used to failing at the trick it makes muscle memory![/size]


If you are consistently missing to the same side of the string, it might help to change where you are popping the yoyo up. Try using the same motion but aim the yoyo a little more forward, or move your hands back a little as you pop the yoyo up.

You can also try keeping the loop moving as close to the plane of the yoyo as possible. If you are whipping the slack around so that it is moving forward or backward, there is less margin for error in catching the yoyo. If you try to swing the slack around close to parallel to the gap of the yoyo, then it simplifies landing the yoyo on the string.


If u do mark allens evacuation it makes it really easy


When you pop the yoyo up twist your NTH in a clockwise motion. that will better open the loop for your yoyo to land in.


But he said that forming the loop is 100% perfect… it’s the landing on the string that’s eluding him…


I used to get the same trouble w/ ninja vanish. It really is all in the turn of the wrist. Just keep practicing. has a great tutorial.


if your still having trouble try performing the whip slightly later than you usually would. pop the yoyo up and wait for it to fall a little before you whip, that helped me when I had trouble with the trick


Also, consciously think of throwing the loop “UP and over”, not just “over”. If you don’t get enough clearance over the taut part of the string during the “over” part it just wambles up.


The yo-yo doesn’t need to pop up much at all. Make that loop you form go down and git it!